I miss the time I started this blog. I used to live in a crazy Chinese landlord’s house in London. The stone walls render London colder, only to be worsened by the lack of warmth in the people who shared the house with me. Still, that time I miss. It was a good period for this blog. It was all about me. It still is.

I feel bad that I seem to have no energy to write on this blog as regularly as I used. Some comments are left unanswered. I know that is uncharacteristic of me. I have been told my writing style has changed. Poetry has left me. So has humour. A few regulars don’t seem to be around any more. A few of us share more than this blog space. The line differentiating my blog life from the rest of my life is now becoming indistinct.

Just when I had been musing over the entity of my blog, along came Phish. He understands what I want to say. He also does a great job of connecting with my thought process. Since I have always believed that if I could connect with even one other person with my means of communication the entire process is worth it. He and the likes of him make blogging worth while. So not only does he bring a new spark to my blog life he goes ahead and gives me an award. Thank you. While you were away you were missed too.

The point I am trying to make is, that one can be  an artist, a realist, an author, a girl next door or a guy next door (avoiding gender discrimination)  and be excellent.  In my opinion that is. Or one could just be themselves and some one else  will be OK with that.



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9 responses to “Award.

  1. I suppose blogs and blogging changes over time just as everything else in life. There are blogger who are no longer around who I deeply miss. There are blogs that have changed quite a bit since I first began reading them. There are also new blogs and bloggers whom I’ve discovered or who have discovered me. As Ursula K. LeGuin writes, “The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.”


  2. Hello,
    Thanks for mentioning my blog, and also for calling a realist.

    Just like the above comments, yeah, I totally agree that bloggers(and their blogs) change with time. When I go back to my old posts, written 4 years ago, I find them so different. Sometimes I wish to delete them, but it serves a guide to my days then, so I keep them.

    Most of the times, blogs are an extended part of ‘us.


  3. Nick:
    Thank you. I some times wonder how you are always spot on in understanding what I am trying to say. It is almost eerie and yet cherished. Thank you for reading my blog and being around. It is much appreciated.

    Realist is not synonym of pessimist. Not having called you one does not imply that I don’t also think of you as a pessimist.:D

    You are most welcome. I was always OK with the change in me. I just didn’t understand the expectation of the otherwise. 🙂


  4. I have the same problem. Some readers say I used to be humorous but this time, my posts seem to be straightforward storytelling. I suppose blogs change over time as people themselves inevitably change. In fact, these days, I seldom post because of my hectic schedule. I am guilty of not being able to visit blogs. So maybe today, I catch up. But you’re okay You’re one of my longtime favorites. 😉


  5. Abaniko:
    😀 Thanks, that is always good to know. Your’s is one of my favourites too. Several reasons for that. May be some day I shall do a post on my relationship with Philippines.


  6. I too miss the time when I started blogging. I can sense – without anyone having to say it – the change in the blog. I often go to my archives and wonder what it was that was different.

    No answer there.

    Perhaps, because there isn’t a question.

    PS: feels good to be called an artist! 😀


  7. Gaizabonts:
    I know most blogs are a reflection of the person authoring them. As people live life and incorporate change, there is a reflection of it in our writing. Is one of my theories.

    I feel you are one. I am glad you feel good with my perception of you.


  8. Heyy, me an author???

    too rich, I say! 😀

    But yaa, I too miss the time I started blogging, when all I wrote of was me, my kids, my dh and friends 😛

    Till I realised that its better to be either anon or write more abstract stuff which is not out to compromise me! 😛


  9. Shankari:
    I enjoy reading your prose and poetry. Very interesting I say. 😀


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