Dinner with Parents.

Not mine. But 2 sets of parents.

One both Caucasian. Have one daughter and don’t really know where she is how she is and what she wants to do with her life. Are a little concerned about the man she is dating but claim they have no say in the matter. You probably don’t because some where along the line that is what you let your child believe. Teaching flying and throwing off a cliff are two different scenarios. Both may achieve a survivor but guess who will come back to thank you for it.

The other one Indian origin Canadian bred married to an Indian born Indian bred. Have 2 children. An awesome family from the outside but really confused from the inside. My guess; the family is just hanging in together and doing a really good job of it.

Parents just want their children to be happy.  Parents are also human.They have very tangible emotions especially when it comes to their own children. They are capable of misunderstandings, being hurt, disappointment. How ever they have flaws. They make mistakes.

Most children grow up and realise that. We may not always love or respect our parents. But we don’t ever forget who they are. I wonder if parents give their children the credit they deserve. I definitely hope they don’t forget no matter how much children grow up there is always a child in them.



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6 responses to “Dinner with Parents.

  1. I would rather have parents who do not give me the credit I deserve than parents who give me too much credit. It’s a trade off but a good one.


  2. Wow.. you get to have dinner parties (?) with a nice range of people! 🙂

    It’s sometimes so difficult to see parents (and children) as other human beings and people who are living their own lives, at times… especially when you’ve spent a significant part of your life seeing them through one side only. It’s hard to break out of that mould and form a new one, I think.

    But that’s just my opinion as of now. 🙂


  3. Leafless:
    Welcome to my blog. A balance is what we all seek, I reckon.

    Hmm having dinner with a wide variety of people is not as appetising as one would think. I am not very sure with what you mean. Please do elaborate.


  4. I believe that he realtionship between parent and child needes to mature as the child matures. Unfortunately, my mother has never matured.


  5. I am not very sure what you mean, now ( 🙂 ).. why do you say that it is not as appetising as one would think? There is so much you can learn (which of course is still very little) from being around a wide variety of people. So much you can compare and contrast, so many opportunities to climb into their shoes and walk around in them (Atticus Finch gets the credit for that one.. 😉 ).. perhaps having dinner with them is not the best of ways to ‘learn’ about them (I’m making them – and I don’t know who exactly ‘them’ is! – seem like a different species we are studying, or something.. but you get what I mean! I hope..), but there is still so much in the situations. From the food to the manners to the company to the homes to the conversation to I-can-go-on-but-I’ll-spare-you-boredom… maybe you’ll discover a lot more about yourself, too.

    Plus of course, any chance to broaden your horizons can only make you a stronger/more knowledgeable person in the long run. According to me, anyway. This of course brings to mind the question as to whether we really need to be stronger/more knowledgeable about the world around us.. which depends on the individual and the individual’s perspective and is too ‘philosophical’ a question, I guess? 🙂


  6. Nick:
    I agree and have been fortunate enough to have parents who have grown with me. I am sorry you feel like that about your mother. How ever I know that will only make you a better person.

    I enjoy long sentences for the same reasons you do too 🙂


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