Tweak your words a little.

Getting around to doing the best for yourself when in stress is a challenge by itself. Saying the right thing to some one in stress is a different ballgame altogether.

A shoulder to cry on, a warm hug, marriage as an option, free psychiatry session, cake are all well meaning.

How ever nothing does it like recognising that desperation is because of determination not weakness.



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4 responses to “Tweak your words a little.

  1. Wow, well said

    “desperation is cause of determination not weakness2


  2. Satya:
    You have misquoted me. How ever, just like need is the mother of invention, determination brings in desperation.


  3. “determination brings in desperation” …….. if you’re talking about studies – how right, how right!

    Sigh. Studies are driving me crazy. Driving me into a state of crazy desperation.

    How did you come about recognising this? Spill, spill Madame! 😀


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