As of yesterday.

8 am: Late by few minutes. Domestic issues.

9 am: Paediatric case of diarrhoea and vomiting. 16 was the mother’s age. A little perturbed and keeping a straight face

10 am: Alerted to presenting complaints. Saved a resident time and effort

11am:  Resolved to pick up some Spanish.

12am:  Long chat for a good letter of reference.

1pm:  17 out of 29 correct. Middle of the stack of residents.

2 pm:  Interview for a research post.

3pm: Call from another place.

4pm: Resume was called impressive.

5pm:  E-mails and phone calls.

6pm-12:30 pm One and half hour drive back and forth, one emergency eye operation observed.

1 am Last game of scrabble.

1:30 am Exhaustion, contentment, hope, looking forward to tomorrow.



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5 responses to “As of yesterday.

  1. Scrabble makes the whole day worth it. I still do, when I get home in good time.

    Hope tomorrow is even more eventful!


  2. I like the way you are looking toward tomorrow.


  3. I liking your day very much. 🙂


  4. Rohit:
    Days have been very busy these days. I hope to relax a bit for now.

    Today I am not.

    Adorable Pancreas:


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