Singled out.

Coming from a country of people with dark hair and skin, I don’t really get blonde jokes. Then again having known enough turbaned people I never got Sikh jokes. I just know if you aren’t making a majority you will be singled out and you will be made fun of.

When this is taken personally, defence mechanisms come into play. Since I am not a tall blonde doesn’t mean I am going to make fun of you. No need to get nasty. Doesn’t make you look any better or smarter.



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4 responses to “Singled out.

  1. Aha, issues related to races. They will never be gone !


  2. Though I don’t think this is race related, it definitely has to do with stereotypes.


  3. I saw a TV program the other night on people who used to be called “freaks.” Most of the world is more is more accepting now, but people still stare at others who are different, we just don’t put them in carnival shows.


  4. Nick:
    🙂 What can I say?!


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