The weekend.

Freedom is exquisite. 65th time lucky. I thought the count was over a 100.

Warm room. Midnight chat. Chinese food. A good friend, made the terrifying journey worth it.

Warm chai, pancakes, Malaysian soup, desert at Gosala cafe and endless conversations was really food for the soul.

Revisiting an abode, a dog that hugs humans and wonderful people at the store reminded me I have a home away from home.

Embarrassment is only anxiety. I can be 16 any time. Cognitive behavioural therapy is for real is the take home message.

Come rain come shine I have had one the most exhilarating weekends in a long time.



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5 responses to “The weekend.

  1. It does sound as if you’ve had an exciting weekend! Alex and I have been snowed in.


  2. Nick:
    I did. I was in a city I am beginning to call home. I was with people I love. I feel free for a good reason. It rained no actually it poured but the mist brought a lot of clarity. The kinds that is rare. I am happy.


  3. Duhita

    I want your kind of freedom too!!! 😦 Uhhhmmm, what Malaysian soup was this? 😛


  4. “a dog that hugs humans”…

    “chinese food”….

    now there’s something we did similar over the weekend!


  5. Duhita:
    Freedom is a state of mind. You just have to train yourself. Soup made by a Malaysian. 😀

    So I guess you had an awesome weekend too.


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