An 84 year old man with an extensive cardiac history, 2 previous strokes, carotid artery stenosis, is admitted to the ER with syncopal attack this morning. He was breathless but pain free. With his daughter, a resident, a nurse and an ER tech surrounding him spots me standing at the back and says ” That smile makes me feel better already”.

Thank you sir. You did make my day. Guess what, I could do even better if I was your treating doctor.



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6 responses to “Sunshine

  1. why dont u post a pic of that famous smile for us too …


  2. Mowgli:
    Is your power of imagination not working or your don’t believe me?


  3. how sweet!
    what shud i say…keep smiling!


  4. See…I think it’s not ridiculously Bollywood-ish when they say smiles change things. I’m sure your patients will be helped way faster in the near future!


  5. Rohit:
    I don’t know about cure but I think a smiling face can make a lot of difference.


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