Conversations I might never have.

Room mate:

You are perfect but for your wastefulness. There are millions of people who go without food water and clothing. Please do not misuse what you have.


I will not apologise for not returning your calls, replying to your emails and messages. Or even explain. The relationship is over. Like a dead plant. Any thing that goes uncared for, needs to be weeded out. I have decided to take the first step.


Your behaviour confuses me. I am bordering at boredom. If you haven’t figured out what my true feelings for you are, then it is best I walk away. I don’t think I want to be with an insensitive or stupid person.


I am sorry things did not turn out the way you had hoped. You made your choice. I respected that. I expect you to respect the fact that I have moved on and have no place for conversations like “for old times sake” or “closure”


I did not chose to be the child I am. I know neither did you. Sooner you brave that the happier you will be.

Regular Joe: 

Just because life presents with ample opportunity to be stupid, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to make use of it each and every time.



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3 responses to “Conversations I might never have.

  1. It’s getting pretty cold in here !


  2. ah. and i have been reprimanded for my blog being personal.

    there are things that we want to say and cant say it. then there are the ones that we regret. the last two days, i have been pondering about life. and the inevitability of death. call it depressive behaviour on account of approaching birthday. another year closer to the end. so nothing makes sense and nothing matters, really. i have skewed the conclusion to suit my end.

    hence, today i shall say a few things to a few people. i think they need to know.
    you have just given me an idea.


  3. Satya:
    If you read carefully you would have realised how much effort is going into keeping things warm

    I think I am getting a little bashful in what I have been revealing. I figure, some place I have to let it out. Why not my own blog. I say go for it, if you can indeed have a conversation, enjoy the process. Most people deny you of that basic pleasure as well.

    You have just made my day. I love for ideas to spring up and for me to be partly responsible for them.


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