On the brighter side.

Medical jargon and lots of it.

I have finally hit a hospital. Actually rammed right into it.

Being from a medical school background and having worked in a different set up I needed to get acquainted with the medical health care system in the United States. Most people like me do what is called an observational rotation in the hope that the hospital staff will like you enough to want to absorb you into their residency program. ( MD, and notice the Americanised spelling πŸ˜› )

The only spot I could get in this overly populated hospital ( with people like me) was in Surgical ICU ( Intensive Care Unit). If the long name didn’t do it for you let me simply say it is very specialised. The only people who work in it are ER residents or Critical Care fellows and Attendings. I have a medicine background. That has nothing to do with surgery trauma or ICU’s. Unless I become an intensivist. When asked why I would like to shadow here, my response was that patients are patients. Didn’t matter surgical or medical. Plus I have been away from hospital for too long. I want to be back. I was welcomed immediately.

Suddenly I found myself responding to alarm clocks, wearing the white coat and happy. Didn’t take a day for me to realise I know nothing of ventilators critical care or trauma patients. Inspite of 5 years in Medical school and 2.5 years of work experience behind me I felt like I didn’t know medicine. The feeling was overwhelming. But challenging. Out came the books, the library was frequented and questions became rampant.

I have enjoyed every moment of patient contact and care. It is the politics of getting a residency that gets to me.

The long hours, the achy feet and yearning to go back keeps me going for now. I know now more than ever that I really want to do this. I have a rule I live by, if the person is sick I want him to be my patient. That is how much I like being a doctor. Just a small issue of now finding a residency.



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11 responses to “On the brighter side.

  1. Duhita

    Wheee, me is happy for you! At least someone loves their job! :p


  2. Duhita:
    I am happy for me too. Now just help me get a residency.


  3. Wow, sounds like someone coming back to home. I can see the passion and motivation from the way you have described the details. Didn’t someone say “if you want happiness for a lifetime, love what you do” You are doing it.

    Here’s hoping that you get into the residency without the politics.

    And where is the American spelling ?


  4. have fun & goodluck πŸ™‚


  5. Nice. Good luck with the residency.


  6. Wow! A dedicated Resident. πŸ˜€

    All the very best- get right in and be on the top of the flow.


  7. Satya:
    Thanks, Program without an additional me.. It has taken me some time to realise that passion alone doesn’t get you all you want.

    Good luck at having fun? πŸ˜›

    Adorable Pancreas:
    Thank you and welcome to my blog.

    That is the plan. Thanks.


  8. ALL the best for this one. Hope this would be the one you knew you’ve been looking for. πŸ™‚


  9. Rohit:
    I hope so too. Thanks.


  10. oh please you cant know everything…


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