The wind has been howling since morning. The sun is deceptive. Like many other shiny projections. I have been having a distracted morning. A cuppa of adrak ki chai and draft section of wordpress remind me of a better place I have known; a stronger me that I recognize.

Emotions continue to faze me. It has been established that emotions are essential. They bring about survival instinct. So does genetic variability and random errors. Nothing is a coincidence. It is all profound and for a reason. I seek to know. Today might be the wrong day.

There is confusion between what I write here and what I say out loud.The readers and chatters and friends and blog friends and the curious people are confused. Welcome to my world. So am I.

I am all-right. I know how to be.This blog is not a communication plat form. When I want to say some thing I am known to make calls at 11pm. Only this time I did have a conversation. I am basking in the warmth of knowing some one was nice to me. Restored some faith. Left me more confused.

The big smile doesn’t help. Am I happy or am I hiding. One can’t tell. Neither can I. I am enjoying the disillusionment. The wondering keeps me from thinking.

Mixed signals are harmful, hurtful,unnecessary and generally end up badly. Confusion has done no one good. Neither has clarity. What ever comes in flashes, is just that. Flashes. Enjoy the moment. Let go the next. Move on.

Easier said than done. I know. The recent posts are a reflection. Did you know that only so much of a percentage gets reflected. This one is the artist in me. On a howling Sunday afternoon. See you next week. I should be painting a different picture.



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10 responses to “Distracted.

  1. it is a cold morning. by bombay standards at least. and my cup of tea has been left interrupted by what you decide to write. i am but made a little weaker. often our confusion is under rug swept. keeping the most vulnerable parts of ourselves hidden – by ourselves to perform the daily functions of life. and you expose it.

    the confusion lies intact. the smiles too. the memories find no justification in recent action. and the sudden impulses that were unanswered suddenly seem better than a response.

    i am saddened by your reclusive self. i often wonder how would you be doing if things were perfect. but that is never to be is there? forever we ask ourselves, is this perfect? am i happy? and we come up with a thousand odd reasons of why we should not be. but a smile nonetheless helps things.

    living the moment has never been my forte. and no matter how hard you try you probably can’t make it through either. but its worth the effort.

    will be waiting for the different picture. hope you dont forget to fill in the colours.


  2. Lady,

    I wish to serenade you (my gender notwithstanding)

    Tum itna jo muskuraa rahi ho
    Kya gham hai jisko chhupa rahi ho?

    Ankhon mein nami hassi laboon pe
    Kya haal hai kya dikha rahi hoo?

    It there are the tears let them flow on, flush them out of the system, have some more chai and move on.

    ((( )))


  3. “Did you know that only so much of a percentage gets reflected”….

    Yes. Of course πŸ™‚

    Emotions are a funny thing indeed.


  4. are you drinking tea? or vodka??


  5. Sigh! So know this feeling…


  6. Masks are good…Life is better πŸ™‚


  7. Phish:
    I am saddened by my inability to write down the thousand emotions I feel each day. I wonder if you would indulge in us ( me and my blog) as much as you do when you see the imperfections of my existence.


    I am glad you concur.

    Depends on what time you are you talking about?

    Grey Shades:
    Tell us more about it. Miss your blog posts.

    That would depend on why the mask is being worn.


  8. Oh well… Maybe if and when we meet! And its a mighty kick to know you miss my posts πŸ™‚


  9. Grey Shades:
    So so when are they becoming rampant and regular?


  10. Its sad to say that most of my best posts came when i was hitting rock bottom. Right now i’m kinda bouyant so would wait for a while before posting! πŸ™‚


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