Clinical depression

There is a big gap between fact and feelings.

One may appear to have it all. Does that person really?

Putting oneself into another’s shoe is  hard. For most of us,what is that shoe that we wear ourselves is still a blur.



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7 responses to “Clinical depression

  1. I so very agree with you.

    The only sad part is in spite of having the blur vision people tend to be judgmental about the others or worse read too many lines between the two lines 😦


  2. Interesting.

    The shoe as the blur, i.e. For me, the act of “Putting oneself into another’s shoe” (or my own) is the most discrete of all acts. The thought of it (only), however, can be as vague as the word itself.


  3. Kanchan:
    Welcome to my blog.

    It is easier to point fingers at others than delve deep inside.

    It takes for one to think outside of himself for the act to be discrete. How often does one achieve that?


  4. call it a shoe. call it a mask.
    and the scariest part is that sometimes, the line between the
    two gets blurred.

    like right now i am the very face of amiability.
    and yet i know i am not supposed to be.


  5. This is what I call a Tequila Shot post. Short and potent :). For most of the time in our lives we have difficulty in being able to identify with ourselves – being expected to get into another’s shoe is doubly difficult. People who say they can are either unaware or seriously mistaken by their ability to do so.


  6. Phish:
    I hope the face you adorn is the face you are supposed to be. More so on this blog and yours. I am a fan of naked truth. The sharp shards keep me going.


  7. Jolvin:
    Thanks. I like Tequila shot and posts like ’em too. It is a limited perception. I feel sorry for them and their inability to comprehend.


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