Men have it all figured.

We just didn’t know that. There is a reason men avoid confrontations.

Do you answer that dreaded phone call entertain difficult, heart wrenching, pointless, disturbing, and unnecessary conversation.

Or do you just never answer the phone, making peace knowing they think you are the worst ever.

I am tempted to chose the latter.



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7 responses to “Men have it all figured.

  1. dreamzzz

    yes i answer that dreaded phone call entertain difficult heart wrenching pointless disturbing conversation but i think its necessary to keep my relationship going i think of it as a sacrifice i make i m in a long distance relationship so phone is all we have most times


  2. Dreamzzz:
    Welcome to my blog. Well one has to do what they have to do. 🙂


  3. we don’t think you are the worst ever. we just get confused as to how
    someone can completely switch off. surgically remove someone forever.

    thats what broke me i think.


  4. i second phish on this one .. 🙂


  5. One of the most hurtful things you can do to a man is consider him as non-existent. Now I’m giving you a hint.


  6. I seldom answer the phone—primarily because the odds are that it’s a bill collector calling.



  7. Phish:
    I told myself they better have a darn good reason to do that. As it happens. They did.. 😦
    I am not breaking that easy. I have promised myself.

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for blogrolling me.

    The hint is gender independent I can assure you.

    Ha ha ha! I yearn to answer a particular phone and then I dread at others.


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