The nots and knows.

Some times not knowing might be a good thing. I am contradicting myself on my own blog.

There is a reason, why people don’t tell you every thing. They have an acute sense of understanding the truth the other can handle. Some times one just can’t handle it all. They know and hence they do not tell. I would like to believe.

Asking for the truth can create off-balance in one’s understanding of the already chaotic sphere of existence.The chaos is one we understand. One we have learnt to create a balance in. What happens when that balance is disturbed? How do we then find our anchor?

Interactions bring about affect. Positive negative small enormous. That is immaterial. How ever trivial, they are real. Most times the purpose of that affect is unfathomable. It exists. We know. Most times that knowledge is sufficient. Some times, one really needs to know.

A long drive, a cafe latte, conversations in a parking lot. Who knows what brings about that clarity. When it does come it is real. Raw. Disturbing. Painful. Creates an off-balance. One good thing is the realisation that we still have some innocence to lose.



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10 responses to “The nots and knows.

  1. Why is that all last paras of your post are the most prolific! 🙂 Loved this one and the previous one…


  2. Grey Shades:
    Thanks. how are you?


  3. ah. innocence. to lose even.
    my obsession with the truth, or to know rather, has been identified by my system as a habit that has caused a lot of stress. but i would take that sress any day than be a bright-faced fool as my soul is being compromised with.

    to be aware is important. whether it is about love, work or other things. there is a need to know, to learn. and we can go as mad as we want later. but the trick is to take solace in your innocence and move on.

    even if it takes a few years worth of trying.


  4. Phish:
    Some times you want to protect your innocence.One knows there is a world out there that you have been untouched by and that is OK. You still want to believe in the magic and romance of life. Some times knowing makes you even more confused. Some times knowing destroys your beliefs.Some times, knowing can hurt.


  5. Better not hear about things especially those that come from some malicious wagging tongues.


  6. Doing alright lady! Still adjusting to life in Blore. How bout you? You done with your exams?


  7. Abaniko:
    And how would we know about those tongues unless words were spoken?

    For now yes. I hope you like Bangalore.


  8. yes, knowing can hurt.
    and somehow, i think it is important.


  9. Phish:
    From the time I wrote that post and found balance with what I know and how I am going to deal with it. I am glad I do know. Allows me to be more informed and make better choices.

    Glad you agree.


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