Growing up

In the company of one, yearning another is a lonely feeling. Understanding that you aren’t the one the other yearns, needs some growing up to do.

It is hard not to ask, why me. It needs some growing up to believe, it is a good thing it was you. Free life experiences, do make the best teachers.

Hurting is easy. Being able to forgive as you realise that you just happened to be at the receiving end for no fault of yours, shows you have grown up in life.

When looking into their eyes, watching the reflection of your pain you know you have grown up.

It isn’t always about you. Exercise caution when dealing with another’s emotions. Know that no matter how minuscule you will have an affect on them. Do not misuse that power. Strive to be a better person. Grow up.



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15 responses to “Growing up

  1. harshi

    Life is really a tough teacher. U r so right. It is so easy to get hurt. But what really defines us is our perspective, and how we handle it..


  2. Harshi:
    Welcome to my blog. Perspective alone can help so much.


  3. Duhita

    I don’t want to grow up 😦


  4. You are into non linear posting these days…nice style 🙂


  5. Duhita:
    You don’t have that choice.

    I don’t know what you are talking of. But I see a compliment in there some where. Thank-ye! 🙂


  6. there’s a cycle of pain that follows people like us around.
    and somehow, in spite of an acute understanding of things, we stumble. and i have done my bit. of hurting. of being hurt. of being a complete idiot.
    i have been trying to grow up for the last 27 years.

    and i love every second of it.


  7. Yes, indeed.

    What more can I add to that? I have grown up now, after all the Stuff happened. Oh well, a new lesson learned.

    “It is hard not to ask, why me. It needs some growing up to believe, it is a good thing it was you. Free life experiences, do make the best teachers.” – wonderfully put (I have half a mind to quote it and write a blog post on it…lol)…. I cannot agree more.



  8. Rishi

    Forgiving is easy. Forgetting is hard. Growing up is easy. Keep on moving forward on that path is harder.

    If growing up makes you a better person, why are kids the one’s who’re called angel and true? :-/ Just a thought….


  9. Phish:
    I love it even more when some body understands what I was trying to say. Love it!

    Hold the horses. There will be more coming and more growing up to do. You have to live this life after all.

    Children don’t comprehend, cheating lying adultery death pain misery. They are not capable of assimilating those concepts. They are untouched by it. So when they are wronged or abused, they get confused and probably damaged for life but they still don’t know how to process that intrusion onto them. I agree they are true and angels.

    But not adults. They are capable of comprehending the consequences of their actions. Understanding the implications of their choices and yet chose not to. As they refuse to think beyond themselves, albeit like a child.

    Growing up not in age but in action is what I was trying to say.


  10. The fact is that whether one wishes or not, one will face these situations. It then becomes a personal choice to grow up or not !


  11. Satya:
    Wouldn’t it be disappointing, if people did have such experiences and still learnt nothing from them

    Yes keep repeating that to your self.Some day you will learn.


  12. and the feeling is mutual. as aptly demonstrated not too long ago.


  13. Growing up is usually a life-long process.


  14. Phish:

    I would agree.


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