Blog stats.

A lot of blogs I see have resolutions that they want to make and then probably maintain. As I have no intentions of kidding myself about resolutions I have decided to let you know how far I have come with my blog Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

As of now……….

Total views: 14, 184

Posts: 252

Comments: 3,847

Oh! and we turned 2 last November.

I have also deleted a lot of blog links. Since you haven’t updated on over 3 months I decided to let you go. I have all of you on my feeder. If you ever come back, you will definitely find a place on this blog.

3 days of 2008 already. Scary eh?



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6 responses to “Blog stats.

  1. Jesus ! I survived. I am still on your bloglinks. Thanks !


  2. Jesus ! I survived. I am still on your bloglinks. Thanks !


  3. BD:

    Which isn’t a function of me. It really is due to your blog.

    You have to deal with your issues with Satya outside of my blog please.


  4. its been 3 days already? i can still recall the fourth day of the last year. it smelt of cheese and i fell from my bike. should have realised then.

    no new years resolution from my side as well. apart from being a little patient with idiots before the sarcasm sets in.


  5. Phish:
    I might go the other route. I am losing patience for idiots.


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