The kitchen is not my favourite place.

So much so that I misspell kitchen most of the times. So if you read the word wrongly spelt you would know it isn’t just another typo. Do correct me when you come across it.

I have 2 other blogs. This is my third. Technically second as I don’t really update my second. How ever I have had this project on my mind for some time now.

I love food. I do. Like some one likes the Nintendo games or rugby matches or Sachin Tendulkar. I have a fascination for food. I enjoy to eat and I enjoy to cook.

Do I want to live my life in a kitchen? Not particularly. Can I still call myself an authority on food. I will be arrogant enough to.

Having been exposed to cooking since I was probably 3 and having the memory of independently conjuring a meal at 8 I have been doing this long enough. I want to now write about it.

Not just what I do but everything I experience when it comes to food.

This is not a recipe place or a place for professional chefs to hang out.This is a place where you come in sit down have a drink or two and tell me what you think about some thing you experienced when it came to food. As this is exactly what I intend to do.


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