Christmas Eve..

I hurry to catch the next train. I am going to meet a good friend. I am looking forward to the company, warm hugs, food, chatter, laughter. On my way I notice there is a man feeding the squirrel in the park. Another holds a Mcdonald’s bag in his hand while he crosses the street along with me. I can still feel the boredom on the im chat with Mr Pittsburgh. He is going to be on holiday with nothing to do for more days than he would like.

I am aware as I smile looking forward to being with the people who will bring joy in my life, that not every one is going to feel the same warmth as I will. I know that Christmas eve will mean different to different people. May be not mean anything at all.

While I hope the squirrel feeder, Mcdonald burger eater and Mr Pittsburgh find ways to make this night a special night, I know come tomorrow none of it will matter.

It is after all just another night. I know as I have been alone, cold and unfed. So many times.



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10 responses to “E-2

  1. its always sunny in …


  2. Mmmm….Spontaneous and touching.


  3. thanu

    I had a wonderful c’mas eve, I went to my friend’s place (the one I was talking to u abt) with some food for them and spend the whole evening with them.

    It was one of my best c’mas eves


  4. Vishwa:
    Interesting interpretation

    Good to know.


  5. 🙂

    Why are Special Occasions singled out?

    Loneliness can hit anyone, at any time, wherever they are, whatever they are doing… life goes on.


  6. Sunrise:
    Special occasions don’t need to be singled out and you are spot on with your statement. How ever it is a well documented fact that depression due to being alone hits harder during the holiday season. The cold weather compounding the depression, and the fact that other people appear to be having a good time doesn’t ever help.


  7. You are not alone anymore. Your good Internet friends, and I include myself in that category, are always here to read and laugh with you.


  8. ah. what can i say? if i have evoked these emotions, i am glad. there is an unfed side to us that we nurse. if only to bring up in comparison. or prose. or both. the depressive bouts will come and go. and the laughter around will fiercely compound it.

    all the time.


  9. JP:
    Thank you. Welcome here.



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