Retail detail.

It is hard being a retailer. Buying. Pricing. Displaying. Stocking. Employees.Customers. Maintenance. Competition. Profit.Salaries. Accounts. Accountability. Orders.

You get the idea.

It is a hard position to identify with both sides. The customer and the retailer. Even though most of the retailer’s tactics at getting the maximum profit appear legitimate; the consumer is who really gets the raw deal. In my opinion that is.

I know no one sets up a charity shop. Especially when dealing with luxury items. How ever it is that time of the year when emotions are running high and pockets dry. Every one is buying some thing for some one.

The retailer is making the most of his sales this time of the year. They need to.

Should ethics play a part? Is the price hike legitimate in balance with the consumer’s need? What kind of game is this that we play?



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