Love or Romance. May be a little of both.

Cafe latte. Hot chocolate.

Conversations. Heart felt.

Memories. Playing catch-up.

Life so far. And now.

Confessions. Conclusions.

A little love. Or Romance? May be a little of both.

Cannot write full sentences as all my energies are drained. I have been grinning ear to ear since last evening. I got meet one of my angels.



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7 responses to “Love or Romance. May be a little of both.

  1. Those words alone say a lot of things. All of them, positive. I’m happy that you’re happy. 🙂


  2. if this be your engine at half mast…well.
    i need a few angels myself. pity they dont come with a helpline.

    its easier finding a drink. a more expensive alternative one would think in the long run. but hey, all of us aren’t really that lucky.

    i hope you have fun.


  3. Abaniko:
    😀 Thank you.

    And I am hoping to mix some drinks with angel time. Asking for too much eh?
    Thanks I do plan to make the most of it.


  4. ah u got angels … lucky u


  5. Mowgli:
    We all do. Just a small matter of recognizing them. 🙂


  6. Perfect moments like these… they tell you every single thing you ever wanted to know about life, don’t they?



  7. Sunrise:
    No they don’t tell you everything. But they do tell you enough. 🙂


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