What is your story.

The power of prayer is debatable. Yet prayer is a concept. A concept as complex as energy and equally present in abundance. Prayer should be individualised as I understand it. I don’t think like belief; prayer can have any structure or rights and wrong. So how does one optimize the use of one’s prayer. What is that use if at all.

Mitchell May having survived a near fatal accident in his 20’s thinks that a prayer is the story you tell yourself every morning. The story of your life. What do you get up and tell yourself about yourself. What is the story you want to believe about your life. That is the prayer you say.

I was attending a yoga conference where I happened to hear this marvellous human being speak about his experience with life. After the 2 and a half hours of listening to him I knew I had not had enough. How ever this is a thought I wanted to share with you. A similar philosophy has been discussed in the book Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Figure out your story while I enjoy Thanks giving for the first time ever.



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8 responses to “What is your story.

  1. ‘Prayer is the story you tell yourself every morning’–I like that. And thanks for the Mitchell may link


  2. Didn’t get much of the post but Happy Thanksgiving by the way !


  3. interesting way to put it …


  4. hey..this is a really different concept…
    thanks…and thanks for the link…
    finally a form of prayer i can be convinced by…


  5. btw..this is the first time i’ve been here…and i cant tell u it was “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” that totally took me in…..i’ve rarely heard ppl use it…it brings back childhood memories for me…


  6. Vishwa:
    You are welcome.

    Thanks. It was fun indeed.

    I thought so too.

    Totally my pleasure.


  7. well…this is a concept thats being popularised by a lot of writers. and i practice is as well.trust me…its amazing! good u shared it here


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