When one invests, they generally are thinking of the return that will follow. Doesn’t matter how big or small. The possibility of their investment growing is exciting.

Then begins the wait. For some to happen.

We all have thresholds for how much we can wait. How little we are happy with. When we close the deal and move on to the next. It depends on what we have put in and what expectations we have from our investments.

Now I am told, expectations are the root cause of all misery. I understand. But how do I motivate myself to keep investing hoping that one of my investments will actually bear fruit. How am I supposed to convince myself that I have to pay the monthly outgoings inspite of having no dividends to enjoy.

And you think this is the worst part. Try pulling out of an investment. There is always a sudden flurry of activity, attention, false promises of returns to just keep you in the deal.

Be strong I say. Pull out. Enjoy the freedom. There are plenty more investments to make.



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