Buttery Nipple.

I have a vase full of flowers that sit on my table. I don’t remember the last time I got flowers. For a self proclaimed abhorrer of mush I was very touched when my friend went out of her way to make me feel special. Of course and embarrass me no end at the same time. I got flowers a quarter cake piece with a candle and people to sing for me in a bar. Sweet, very! So silly too.

I have always wanted to know what a hang over feels like. That wish too was answered. After Miller light, Cosmopolitan, Long Island Ice tea Buttery Nipples was the sweetest way to call it an evening!

Buttery nipples: 1 oz buttershots liqueur + 1/2 oz Irish cream liqueur.



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8 responses to “Buttery Nipple.

  1. Oh I’ve had it too just not with that combination of drinks. SO what was the occassion? Was this a post birthday celebration???


  2. It was the birthday celebration. 😀


  3. i hope you lived to see your birthday. i remember mine as wet and wild. and then a throbbing pain sorts of blackens everything out.

    i think i will blogroll you. hmm.


  4. hello there! been ages since i’ve visited Blogsville… And I know this wont do any good now but all the same belated birthday wishes. For all the good times to come and for you being born so that we could read your posts! 🙂


  5. Phish:
    It was wet alright, not wild enough. I survived. The head ache was there but then there were enthusiastic breakfast eaters who couldn’t wait until I gathered myself the next morning. I love those kinds.

    Grey Shades:
    Such lovely wishes are always good.Keep ’em coming I say.


  6. Now that’s a leading drink…belated wishes..


  7. I had a rotten wine/tequila/beer hangover last week – soooo not as nice as yours!


  8. White Magpie:
    Thanks a million.

    I can imagine what you mean.


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