Birthday and all that Jazz!

I am infamous for getting people to wish me on my birthday. I would generally start reminding people a month in advance. Hell, I even scheduled appointments one year as I was on call at nights and I didn’t want to miss getting spoilt. No one ever got the secret wish for a big fat birthday present, but I knew I will live.

This year when my 4 year old nice started making her July birthday plans in January, I decided it was time to quit the habit. Leave all that planning for those who actually get a birthday cake and presents. All hell broke lose when my friend of over 15 years wasn’t sure whether today falls on a Friday or a Saturday. I started letting slip my birthday and my birthday wishes.

I have always made a huge deal of this day. I don’t know why. It has been a while since we had birthday parties. It has been a while since I have received a card in the post. The only birthday song singing happens over the phone. I am old enough to have to contemplate over my past, rather than look forward to milestones. Worst of all a really rich chocolate cake isn’t the nicest thing to give to an already bulging waistline.

Birthday reminders on Orkut and Facebook are really doing my job so to speak. The number of people who have wished me this year has gone up exponentially. Who can blame all these people, with the reminder being slapped over them for over 3 weeks now. How ever I am a little surprised to hear from people I haven’t heard from in over a year. More than a year. Interesting.

That charm for birthdays has worn off on me. I realised when I had laundry, walk the dog, cook, re-write personal statement and please take a shower today on the to-do list. Yet it is a nice feeling to have people sound all excited at the thought of you getting a year older. I have had my niece a good friend and my favourite cousin all sing the birthday song to me. It has been 15 years since I spent this day with my childhood friend. I am going out for dinner with her.

Today is weird, but nice. It is my birthday after all. I am going to leave you to wish me all you like while I strike that please take a shower today off my list. Have a nice week end ye ‘al.



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15 responses to “Birthday and all that Jazz!

  1. At the risk of sounding cheesy, you share your birthday with Shahrukh Khan?! 😀

    Happy birthday, EU. Have a happy and peaceful year ahead. And of course, have fun!! 🙂


  2. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    Have a great year and a great life ahead!!


  3. Rishi

    Wish ya very Happy Birthday. Were ya also keen on birthday bumps? 😛 Enjoy the day. Hmmm, you share the day with someone I know.

    oh and good luck with them applications. Its a bloody painful and expensive process. 🙂


  4. Aarbee:
    Thanks, and don’t worry, it gets cheesier. I also share my birthday with Anu Malik. 😛

    Why belated. You wished me right on time. Thanks.

    I was keen on a hang over which my friends ensured I had a good one. 😀
    Thanks for the luck. God knows I need ’em loads.


  5. Oye EU,
    Happy birthday. 🙂


  6. Haha. Certainly cheesier. 😀


  7. Jarvarm:
    Thanks. 🙂



  8. Happy belated EU!

    And heres hoping someone has since had that shower It could be yet another typically American thing- a wedding shower, a baby shower and a birthday shower. 😛


  9. hope you had a very happy birthday – belated wishes. I was just writing this and realised what the point in wishing someone a happy belated birthday…


  10. keep making noise & keep celebrating … you deserve it 🙂


  11. Shankari:
    Thanks, no it wasn’t a celebration just bare necessity. 🙂

    The point is to celebrate someone’s existence. Some one’s presence. I accept belated wishes, gifts..etc etc .

    Yes Saar! 😀


  12. Sangeeta

    Glad you had a good day – wishes are always appreciated 🙂


  13. im late..really late! happy belated birthday!! i miss bday partiesss 😦


  14. Nisha:
    It is never too late for wishes. 🙂 Thanks. I miss good parties too.


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