I want to respond to all the comments that have been left to be answered at a later date. I think I would rather meet all the people who commented over this post in person and have a conversation over it.

Studying was easier. Trying to find a residency is going to be the hard part.

I like people visiting my blog. Making blog friends is killing the interaction on my blog. I don’t like that.

Truth always hurts. Hurts the one who finds out, and the one who has been trying to hide it all along.

Parents aren’t perfect. It is a hard fact to register. It is scarier to realise that one day you might be filling their shoes.

I think I am too cynical to be able to find love. Some times it comes knocking on my door and yet I find a way to throw it away.

One of my boys died. I miss him like I would miss a buddy. This is a very new feeling for me.



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8 responses to “Update!

  1. ah, yes, I know the feeling (no, not about the boys)


  2. Gaizabonts:
    Hmm I reckon it is the feeling friends bring about eh? 😛


  3. I’m so sorry abt one of the boys… hugs


  4. Sorry to hear abt the boys, but then again any kind of loss leaves a void.


  5. Thanu:
    Thanks. This happened just before my exam.

    I agree. But what surprises me is how much I think of him.


  6. It is strange how dogs feel like almost human friends at times, listening quietly and giving us company when we need it most…i can totally understand the sense of loss…

    truth does hurt…but i’d prefer being hurt than not know it…i’ve been told that truth is over-rated…not for me, I guess…

    i think one realises how tough it is being a parent without even being one…just being married gives one a pretty good idea…

    one day love might just catch u off-guard..then u won’t have time to be cynical about it 😉


  7. LMM:
    Thanks for reading. Like really taking the time out and reading and it is really nice to have you back.


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