I did it.

Resolve: It hurts too bloody much and I can no longer deny it or push it away. I am not sure what the choices are, but I want to face it, this time face first!

I have had this text on the right hand corner for some months now. It was about my exams and my continued struggle with climbing the career ladder. Well I did do a good job of facing my choices and I have come out a winner. For many reasons at that.

Through the most trying of times I realised what I think of most; is what will happen to me. If I continually worried about failures, failures is what I will face. Some times looking beyond the fears and over coming expectations can help get what you want.

It is ok to accept that you are not capable of doing it all by yourself. So you reach out. For help. You will get it. Even if it is from unexpected quarters.

Friends is an over rated concept. People should start at civility first. I am busy, was busy are not even acceptable excuses any more. Come up with some thing else to cover up your self centred self absorbed self.

Some one I know told me how she has issues with entitlement that comes with being friends. This period taught me a lot about that feeling of entitlement. Over your life, relationships, success. You really aren’t entitled to anything unless you have worked enough for it.

The most clichéd, but the most relevant in my case there is no substitute to hard work. It has been a lot of hard work the last few months. The way things are going there will be a lot more hard work, disappointment and hopefully happiness involved. This time I am ready. I know how to do it.



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6 responses to “I did it.

  1. Good one edu. I’d read this text in your blog and would sometimes wonder what it was about. Now, that’s one hell of an idea–to put your resolve in writing in a place where you can’t miss it.[And nobody but you knows what the hell it’s all about 🙂 ]

    Yeah, there’s no substitute for hard work. Enjoy the fruits, savour it.


  2. Hi Vishwa, You have an uncanny knack of coming here for posts that mean so much to me and leaving your fun filled remarks. Thanks for the wishes.


  3. Fine post! Cool philosophy! Go for it!


  4. may the cake of hardwork have the icing of sweet success 🙂


  5. thats one side of the coin


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