I have a really bad feeling my blog is dying a slow death.

I wasn’t ignorant to the idea that there might come a time when I wont blog regularly. I actually hoped that at some point in life I would be so busy in life that I wouldn’t have the time to blog. Attempting to write down in details my thoughts, would become a chore rather that a pleasure is a very new possibility to me. No I am not yet there.

Apologies but I do have a certain disregard for what people think of my blog. I have even more disregard to bloggers who would rate, compare and comment upon other blogs. I think the recent surge in self employed critics over other bloggers more so Indian bloggers is begining to leave a very bad taste in me.

A lot of anonymous bloggers would agree that they write to avoid being judged by people they know. But then people will remain people. Thankfully so. But then they will also judge. Which is natural I believe. What I don’t get is, the authority some people think they are on judging the blogs. If you don’t like what I write you go else where. Stop cribbing and cringing.

The reason I feel that this blog is dying like an old haggard lonely person at that, is because this blog had endeavoured plenty of emotional trauma. Bloggers have come and gone. There was a time in England, that I would log in every morning, confident that some of my favourite bloggers would have updated their blogs. No more. Most of them don’t write any more. Oh well. Can’t really complain now can I?

And then there are other things that I cannot even write about, lest I am accused of being insensitive, ill-mannered, blah-de-blah-de-blah. So I shall just keep that to myself.

Excuse me now. I have to do some thing about this delirium.



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10 responses to “Delirium.

  1. i have already read this post in my tag surfer just a while ago and i can sort of feel what you are going through. blogging blues get to me sometimes too. which is why i have officially declared why i don’t blog regularly in my other blog – -not the one the avatar is linked to. i don’t want to do it like a chore. god, why does pleasure have to be out of the picture? it’s not like i am getting paid to blog! then why all this pressure?

    btw, are you from india? in that case i am your neighbour 😀 i am from bangladesh.


  2. remember what you have written here will remain forever and ever … unless Google’s servers are vaporized in a nuclear holocaust

    so this is for posterity … perhaps few centuries from now these entries will be used to “understand” day to day life’s of primitives

    so keep writing


  3. Blogging is—supposedly—a pleasure. When it becomes a chore or unpleasant, I suppose one must seek another delight. No, I am not suggesting that you cease blogging. You would be missed by many people, including me. I am suggesting that you may want to experiment with various styles of blogging; perhaps one will bring a new pleasure to your enterprise.

    Peace and tranquility, my dear blogger friend.


  4. I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now and my traffic hasn’t significantly increased. I don’t care. For me, blogging is a pastime, an outlet. So it should be fun. If you don’t feel like posting, don’t force yourself. Because if you do, it becomes burdensome. And if this helps, I’d like to tell you that I read you regularly and I like your style. Just be yourself and you’ll be fine. Cheers to you!


  5. The seed of expectation is the first sign of something passionate dying a slow but sure death. Let go of it and the passion will remain, because passion doesn’t require accolades or recognition.


  6. the worst singer always sings the loudest.
    the best bloggers don’t wanna be bloggers anymore.

    i have a theory. like all creative individuals (and i don consider blogging to be an excessively creative form of holding a strangers attention) the best bloggers are bored. especially when it is expected of you. they didn’t start to cater to people. hell, it was the complete opposite. a soft rebel, if i may use the word lightly.

    and it is true of creative people in all professions. photography, advertising, painting. you name it. they soon get bored and pretty much ask the same questions. then some of them get married. the others buy a bigger refrigerator and continue doing what they love.

    so get a bigger refrigerator. and continue in this space. lots of people like it. and i am beginning to. somewhat.


  7. Netty Gritty:
    I hope you write for pleasure and no other reason.

    That I am going to keep writing I know. Reasons might differ. 😀

    I have been thinking of writing a food related blog for a very long time. You might be right, I should find myself a new motivation.

    That is the one thing I like about your blog. It represents a person. Not an idea or a theme but a person.Thanks, I am glad you like this blog for what it is.

    No the blog isn’t dying because it expects anything. Comments, stat counts have never impressed me. It is the peripherals that bother me. I think my point of view is better captured by Atul Sabnis is Gaizabonts.

    Thanks. You have got my attention.


  8. I wonder if my blog is still being read. hmmmm….
    Everytime i have something on my mind to blog about…i’d get all excited coz finally i can post some new entry. but hey..almost always..there’s no keyboard or pen or paper around. and by the time im in front of the pc, i’d forget all about them.
    And my views reflecting with Abaniko, perhaps..
    Hope to see you posting in regular…

    –With love



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