I think I am back.

Writing a blog is hard work. A come back is harder than I thought. Oddly I didn’t even miss it. That is worrisome on several levels. I’ve never been a commitment happy person. I knew that about me a long time ago but for me to be OK not to be back to blogging, an activity that I actually enjoyed so much is really scary.

So I am back. I think I am.



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7 responses to “I think I am back.

  1. Welcome back!—Maybe.

    Yeah, writing is hard work, unless you turn it into play.


  2. Make up your mind! Just kidding…Welcome back!!!


  3. Nick:
    It is when other things take precedence, that it is harder to be maintaining an activity which one considers a mere hobby.

    Thanks. ;P


  4. the scary part is — i think i know what you feel!!!


  5. Gaizabonts:
    Do you now? Really?


  6. Gaizabonts:
    That is a big claim to make.


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