I wasn’t done hoping
For a cross road
A different day, a different time
who knows we could still be friends.

I wasn’t done searching
For a glimpse
Of that smile on your face
One could feel from across the room.

I wasn’t done yearning
For just one touch
Feeling the warmth
That only you could give.

I stop to wonder
Standing on this cross-road
Will you leave me in pain
Giving no reason, no explanation. Again!



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9 responses to “Crossroads.

  1. ohhh…ur poem sounds really personal..i’m guessing it’s not just some random incident that’s inspired this..the last para was really sad 😦


  2. That is a wonderful and most intense poem. Thank you for sharing it, my dear.


  3. I particularly identify with some lines here and they couldn’t have been presented in a better form. Thanks a ton.


  4. 😦 This kinda stirs a familiar feeling…


  5. Yeah, beautiful words for so familiar situation. Nice poem, so back to being ‘the’ poet ?


  6. LMM:
    Everything is personal on this blog. 😉

    You are welcome. 🙂

    I am glad my emotions can be identified with.

    Grey Shades:
    Awwe, writing about it helps.I really does.

    Just being me. The usual.


  7. this too shall pass.


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