I am a person. Really! I am.

I know I transform to a different species when people come to me with their problems. Especially when it concerns sickness and mental derangements. I love that kind of stuff. I will forget I hate them, never wanted to talk to them and that I had issues with them. It is just that I don’t dislike them as much as I love what I do. One can always get me to talk.

I miss regular conversation though. Like Hi, how are you doing? How are you dealing with the heat in Philadelphia. Met any guys yet? Or some such regular girl/people stuff. I miss out on gossip and travelogues and books and theatre and politics and food talk.

I miss being thought of as a person.

ps: I feel rather envious of her right now.  😦



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19 responses to “I am a person. Really! I am.

  1. Take time off from your toxic work and just be your relaxed self with other people. Easier said than done, I know. But when you will for it, the things you want to happen will just happen. 🙂


  2. exactly, take time off… it might help 🙂 So, hello.. how are YOU really doing?


  3. So how are you dealing with the heat in Philadelphia? And have you met any boys yet??!! Do tell! 😀 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….Seriously though, hope all is well with you…been a long time indeed! 🙂


  4. *swears never to look for prescription here* 😀


  5. Before I reply to all your individual comments, I want to just say one thing. I did mention I love what I do and I don’t have a problem with people coming to me with their problems. I actually enjoy playing agony aunt.

    In the process however I get the feeling, that is all I am to people, some of my close friends, which is what I am not happy about.


  6. Abaniko:
    I will keep that in mind.

    I’m doing very well actually,thank-you. Welcome to my blog.

    It is very very hot despite no boys. 😉
    Yes it has been long. So how are you doing?

    Missing the point are we? huh?huh?huh?


  7. do your karma. 🙂


  8. Aren’t regular conversations kind of boring ? And most of “Hi, how you doing?” are routine expressions.

    But the agony aunt questions are genuine ones. So there !


  9. What you do best is the person you are? I’m not talking of the ‘real’ person that you are because that sometimes is way too personal. Whatever that is there in between I think is are cookie cutter responses – wonder why you miss them.


  10. Mowgli:
    I will. 🙂

    I would like people to talk/ confide in me, because I am their friend or have been for over a decade and not because they think they are talking to a doctor.Is what I am trying to say.

    I am not sure I understand what you are saying. Please do explain. Thanks.


  11. Let me try this again – most of your circle of people know you as a doc…there are certain characteristics of a doc…and that is what you fulfil well. Which is then the person you are! whether you like it or not 🙂

    now if you want to be the girl next door, the doc tag is going to get in the way…you are unfortunatley a victim of the doctor stereotype :), beyond a point our professional selves dictate over the person we are.


  12. dee

    I agree…sometimes regular/mundane conversations are the best!!! who wants to be an agony aunt or confidante always right:)…so here goes…..
    “Hey, so how ru?? n hopefully u have met a few goodlooking, smart guys at philly :):)”


  13. Rishi

    I know a desi dr in Philly. he’s from Delhi originally methinks. want me to pass on his number? :p


  14. Jolvin:
    I see what you are saying. Ok forget the doctor bit.Lets say I was in finance. And everyone I have known for the last decade approached me with some finance discussion. Wouldn’t that be harsh? Like I couldn’t talk of anything else, or want to be involved in anything else?

    Ha ha ha, see now I like this smart good looking bit. 😉

    Ha ha ha..yeh banda resourceful bhi hai. Of course.Number wumber sabh pass karo. 😀


  15. Duhita

    Dear agony aunty:)

    If only I knew of eligible bachelors in Philly for you:p Will promise to catch up soon, if I catch you online that is and my first question will be how are you handling the heat?:)


  16. Apy

    To an extent I agree with Jolvin. If you let the doc part in you dominate, you will be treated as one. You quoted about the finance thing… you are right , people will get into financial discussion if you dont know how and when to change the topic… dont get me wrong here but what if the role of agony aunt that you ve been playing for so many people has created that image of yours. I mean.. you like to do that so much that it has become a part of ur nature to treat everyone like that.. think about it… may be i m wrong.. Its something like if one is the eldest kid in the family and has always treated and cared for other siblings as an elderly, he/she forgets how to be a kid..

    BTW.. Hows are you doing ?? 🙂


  17. Regular conversation… that is what I miss the most when I am in India.. UK is great for general chit chat with strangers, don’t you think? 😀 (Since you’ve been here yourself… 🙂 )


  18. Thanks Apy for the explanation – I think you pretty much covered what I had to say.

    Hey EU – In our world today the professional side dominates the personal side…difficult to get away from it


  19. Oh no… I just saw this post!

    What can I say? a big HUG for you sweetie…


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