Ignorance irritates me.

There are over 50 countries in the continent of Africa.

Doctors aren’t God, walking talking encyclopaedias, know it all, or fix it all.

There is more to us, our family, our house, our lane, our life, our rant.

Indian-Chinese is really Indian food, not authentic Chinese cuisine.

Dogs aren’t called a man’s best friend for nothing.

Bad language (spellings, foul words) was cool in the sixties.

Children’s books can be read by adults.

Discrimination speaks volumes of one’s intolerance.

Generalisation speaks volumes of one’s ignorance.

No one knows it all. Be open to listening, reading, learning. Arguments, raised voices, bruised egos don’t take anyone anywhere. I think I am not studying enough to want to write this post. Come on over humour me.



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13 responses to “Ignorance irritates me.

  1. sometimes it amazes me how much I learn when I make a new friend.. a new way of looking at things, a new fact, a new way of doing things…the list never ends…and the learning process is what make life so interesting..and so liveable…


  2. The last one about generalisation… couldn’t have been said better. Lorvely.


  3. J

    Arguments, raised voices, bruised egos don’t take anyone anywhere… right on, if only everyone saw it the same way.. different people different views.


  4. Seems like you are on fire !


  5. LMM:
    That is nice. We don’t necessarily need new people in our lives to establish that there is a lot in life to learn and we can never be done from the process.



    The ‘seems’ are far from accurate. πŸ™‚


  6. Mowgli:
    Feel free to add yours too.


  7. so many people in this world are too ignorant!! people hide in their own little bobbles and don’t botter to look outside it…


  8. Maren:
    The hiding in the bottles is what really gets to me.


  9. What are you discriminating against the ignorant? πŸ™‚


  10. Jolvin:
    Ah!-ha! Almost getting me there. No I am not discriminating against ’em people, just stating what habit of t heir’s bothers me.


  11. Ah ok – just making sure you won’t discriminate with ignorant people like me πŸ™‚


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