Letter to me.

This has been a bad phase for all of us. We have highs and lows often. Most times we pick our selves up without even realising we were in the dumps. Some times it just gets hard. It is then we need that extra support.
It gets harder when people around us are having a tough time too. Lets just say there is a huge emotional depression wave . Unfortunately the few that we hope will be our strength or atleast be there for us just turn around and tell us to be practical and not expect a thing from them!!!!

It is at times like these when we start doubting our very fundamental beings and start to wonder what is wrong. What I want to tell you is that it is ok to doubt yourself, it is ok to question everything you have done. School work, life, experiments whatever. Let that be a learning experience, let that bring back humility which tells us that we have to be more alert, more careful more vigilant and better than the best we have been.

I’m not even going to harp of all your achievements and say you did that so you can do this. May be it is time to find what more you can do because you haven’t before. It is time to push yourself harder. It is time for a little more of you to come forward. You have a lot in you, you just don’t know about.

Have faith and good luck.

I once wrote an email to a friend who was having a hard time with her academics, friends and life in general. After listening to her rant over the phone one night; I wrote her an email the next morning. Having saved the email I have often gone back to find motivation from my own words.

This write-up has excerpts from that email and has been modified.



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13 responses to “Letter to me.

  1. Duhita

    Why are we always so good at giving others advice but never applying it to ourselves?


  2. arienaied

    love it – not too hopeful without being depressing.. now, if only my mind could grasp the concept of following advice.. hmm…


  3. Hope you friend benefitted from this or maybe you being there when she let her steam off would have worked before your mail reached her. Besides it’s nice to find inspiration from within rather than outside.


  4. “..it is ok to doubt yourself, it is ok to question everything you have done..”

    πŸ™‚ Great minds really must think alike, because I was going through the same ‘phase’ of late.. questioning people’s love for me, and my love for them.. none of it made sense, and I felt guilty for questioning so. But now I know. A simple conversation with a friend about nonsense triggered something off in me, and now I know. I am who I am.


  5. Yeah nice motivating words. The thing which works is only self help and it gets boostes by words like this.

    Good one!


  6. Me actually needed this kind of letter a few years back. Hmm.. But none did.


  7. internally drive is always more sustainable than external. nice words πŸ™‚


  8. Sankha

    Cough, sniff!!! Look who’s talking πŸ™‚


  9. Rishi

    sweet! these things are quite nice read during them blue days. i got one such email long ago.. i sent it back to the person during their bad time. lol.


  10. Duhita:
    As that takes an effort.

    Hmm, how about negotiating with your self rather than blindly accept and work upon advice.

    I hope so too for my friend’s sake.A lot of times when I come up with such words of advice,strength,motivation, I know they are really more for me to hear than anyone else.

    And if you can love yourself for who you are, you have really clinched the deal.

    I think we have a lot within us.Strength, will, motivation and determination. It lies dormant most times. It is good to get the feeling flowing.

    I’m sorry you didn’t know me then. πŸ˜‰

    Even then we look out for help. If only we delved deeper within. Thanks.

    You should use your link here. I have blogrolled you. No escaping now. I refuse to acknowledge rebuttals btw. :p

    Ha ha ha! So I can see what will come back to me if I ever sounded low on my blog. I think I should copy right my posts.


  11. I needed that, I guess.


  12. “And if you can love yourself for who you are, you have really clinched the deal.” ………… πŸ™‚

    And have you clinched the deal?


  13. Rohit:
    We all do at different phases of our lives.

    That will take some thought.


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