Relationship Mantra # 4678901

I don’t think anyone should let anyone know that their self-respect is dispensable. It shouldn’t even be. It doesn’t matter what new relationship one is trying to build; one’s relationship with one self should not be lost.

Unconditional love is over-rated and old fashioned.Hurtful but true.



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17 responses to “Relationship Mantra # 4678901

  1. I would take out the qualifier “unconditional”. Even though I am not a cynic but I still believe love is an over-rated, over-hyped, hypocritical, fascist, and left wing ideology !


  2. Mowgli:

    πŸ˜€ What will we do with you? πŸ˜›


  3. Agree with the self respect bit. Not the second. Love has to be unconditional. Otherwise it is something else.


  4. I don’t think many people understand ‘unconditional love’.


  5. White Magpie/ RB:
    Explain the concept of unconditional love to me. Knowing what love/loving is for most people is an exercise. Adding the dimension of unconditional just complicates everything even more.

    I think only parents and dogs are capable of unconditional love for another human being.That too, some times parents faulter with.


  6. Love – a concept designed for the head.


  7. If we understood how dogs think maybe we would realise that even their love is transactional. I think we should first understand the concept of unconditional self respect – Maybe then we will be able to love ourselves unconditionally to begin with.


  8. “It doesn’t matter what new relationship one is trying to build; one’s relationship with one self should not be lost.”

    Never.. I agree, EU. I wish I could think of something more to say, but I am just stuck in silence, agreeing with you. πŸ™‚


  9. Rishi

    “Unconditional love is over-rated and old fashioned”.

    I disagree … maybe cos I AM old fashioned. πŸ˜€ Its not over-rated .. it just doesn’t exist in most cases (if not always).


  10. Sangeeta:
    So what does the heart say?

    I totally second your thoughts.

    I’m glad you agree.

    May be you should blog about it. btw do you write a blog?


  11. “Unconditional love is over-rated and old fashioned”

    …and, most certainly, not for real.


  12. You’re right, dogs and parents are the pioneers of unconditional love. Some spoilt dogs, and some parents as you mentioned, might faulter. But the concept is very simple: it is when you really want the other person to be happy, feel his/her feelings, and don’t expect anything in return. So yes, it is something that hardly exists coz if it did, there won’t be problems in relationships. That, because it is natural for humans to expect. That is what complicates the concept, nothing else.


  13. Rohit:
    Harsh no?

    I see. πŸ™‚


  14. well…unconditional love may not exist in its purest form..coz thats just impossible…but it does cant really generalize it…and i have to confess here that i have felt it! n i’ve even written a story on it on my blog..although considering your thoughts..u might find it too filmy!


  15. Nisha:
    Never mind my thoughts, that made an interesting read.


  16. Divya Khurana

    i can imagine one instance of unconditional love….when you come to realise the supernatural force and the supernatural beauty. Then you really loose your ‘self’.


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