Being real.

Brutally honest, blunt, arrogant, reckless have been some of the more genuine compliments I have received back in the day.

It has been a really long time since I have spoken my mind. I wont say it has been a strain on me to be the goody two-shoes, but I did miss the freedom of speech. I would like to believe that I was trying to be nice and less hurtful to other people by softening my tone; and that it wasn’t a ploy to fit in with other people be liked or any such human need that I might posses.

Of-late, I seem to have found my spirit back. I am surprised by my own honesty. I figure it is better to lay out the cards and then leave the other person to deal with them the way they want to. How he decides to play them should then be acceptable to me. A lot of times when I think I will never hear from them again; they have surprised me. I think we forget to give people credit for being mature rational beings.

I like knowing where I stand with people. I think others do too. Small peppy talk is for a party full of strangers, probably at a coffee shop. How ever and I quote Mr Bill Gates, “In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs”.

Get real.



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19 responses to “Being real.

  1. Being blunt and speaking one’s mind works with those who are close. Otherwise being political is what I like!


  2. I’m with Greensatya.


  3. A Little diplomacy is like salt in bland food…unless they like bland food that is.


  4. J

    Being real.. i suppose is having the right mix of diplomacy and straight talk. Well, in my case i moved from one extreme to another.. now I just prefer to listen than talk.


  5. no first strike policy & violence as last resort. friends/strangers … it doesn’t matter.


  6. Yep very true! You gotta learn that you cant please or not hurt everybody cause they all have different mindsets. Somehow our generation has always been a little late to realize this…


  7. When we try to behave in a way that seemingly takes care of other folks’ feelings, we often create more havoc than if we’re honest and allow them to take care of their own feelings. Hmm. As I re-read that I wonder: does that make sense?


  8. Satya, Rohit:
    I find to do that is the hardest with people I am close. I haven’t been doing political very well these days.Hence..

    Hence it is called art I guess.

    We are all finding our balance.Hang in there. Welcome to my blog. πŸ™‚

    Will keep that in mind. πŸ˜‰

    Grey Shades:
    Our generation is stuck between what we were told to do and what we think is necessary to do just to survive.

    You make perfect sense.This is exactly what I was trying to say. You have to give other people credit for being able to deal with your reality even if it isn’t their’s.


  9. Being blunt is one quality I would like to acquire. You should be proud of it especially in your field (I mean our field). πŸ™‚
    Where have you started residency? Congratulations!


  10. i’ve always preferred the plain honest truth. At least then what you see is what you get.


  11. Sines:
    yeah I know what you mean. We do it all the time in our field ” breaking bad news” kinda thing.But when it comes to simple things we falter so bad.

    I will be applying for 2008 match. I am looking for IM. Still struggling with exams. 😦

    It isn’t all that pleasant all the time, but I am always glad some one had the courage to be honest.


  12. Hey I must confess this is the first tiem i have spent a bit time around on your blog, I just found out Im on your blogroll. Geez Thanks, Im always amazed when peopel would want to visit me regulary, coz I dont myself, i ostly mooch write and put up a few snaps.
    About the get real thing, yes of course resolve has be sustained regardless of the motive and circumstance , in it lies teh fun. Good luck.

    Btw your categories all encompassing, even linneus and dewey would be proud.


  13. dee

    Learnt it the hard way that a little diplomacy always helps…but if being blunt n speaking your mind helps u…go for it:):)


  14. Ubermensch:
    Wouldn’t a person who uses a German word to call himself superman interest you.Oh not to mention their interest in art and architecture and poetry and movies and travel and books.Who also by the way notices your love for your Oxford handbook of clinical medicine. May be they would haan?

    I think being honest is being mistaken for being rude. Diplomacy is part of the equation any given day. Welcome to my blog. πŸ™‚


  15. Ha!! Too generous and flattering. But I dont mind. You remember the Oxford handbook thingy, well I wrote it . No just kidding! I hae interesting story about that I should write about soemtime.
    as for names, super is as super in any language, you can call me pandu.


  16. I’ve been known for being blunt and have been thanked for it but on the same token, I’ve also had people just slam the door in my face too.

    I’ve come to temper my bluntness for the most part but it clamors to rise to the surface at any time.

    The art of diplomacy is one I’ve been striving for of late and I’m thinking I need to know more about how to employ t.

    Thanks for the post and thanks for your blog here.

    Peace, love and understanding!~


  17. Ubermensch:
    I will await your interesting story about that fabulous hand book.

    We are all striving for that perfect balance.I am beginning to feel that it is ok to have an emotional burst once in while, or that difficult conversation.Might do more good than harm.

    Welcome to my blog. πŸ™‚


  18. locadama

    here is something you’d want to see:

    imitation is the best form of flattery.


  19. Locadama:
    Interesting. What is more interesting is that you have spotted two posts written 3 years apart. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and leave it at that.


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