A little prayer.

Religious, professional,national biases are hurtful.

Being in those shoes should make me more tolerant. In action, not just in intention.

If not tolerant atleast more educated.



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10 responses to “A little prayer.

  1. i cant think of one thing which anyone from any religion/profession/nation can say to Indians and make us feel small or bad.


  2. Mowgli:
    And what were they thinking? 😉


  3. And that you are!


  4. Rohit:
    I would like to believe.



  5. whatever you may deem offensive 🙂


  6. Rishi

    educated, you are. tolerant, you maybe more.


  7. Mowgli:

    Only time will tell, no?


  8. “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” – Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee).

    🙂 I was just thinking about this the other day.. how we should try and walk around in others’ shoes more often.. just as doing exercises and yoga can stretch our physical selves more, appreciating why other people do what they do, and where they come from, stretches our minds open more, don’t you think?


  9. Sunrise:
    I agree we can understand people and their actions better. It is like being able to respect despite understanding and accepting people with their faults.


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