Blogging confessions.

When I started blogging, I didn’t know how to add links to my blog.So I would go from blog to blog to blog in search of another blog.It got more tedious when I would leave a comment, because then I would be blog hopping hours on end.

I use my blogroll to browse over interesting blogs. When they stop updating I feel inclined to delete their links. Only recently did a good friend point out that it is bad etiquettes and a very rude thing to do.

I have written some very long posts.I am always humbled by the people who make the effort to read until the end and add their two bits to it.

I don’t enjoy reproduction of another person’s work. News/sports updated/Video links don’t catch my fancy on blogs. I know where to get that information .Why would I want to be on a blog for it. I would rather read the bloggers’ interpretation of the same.

I make a conscious effort to hide the context in some of my posts.Differing reactions that ensue, help me see my context in a different light.

Bloggers that use big/large /twisted meaning words, confusing language, and only talk in abstract intimidate me. Reminds me of those debate competitions where I would have no clue what the opponent was saying and yet felt compelled to give an intelligent response back( read write comments).

I hope that no one uses their blog as a communicating tool to me. I refuse to take anything personally, acknowledge the effort or take any action relevant to the issue mentioned in their blog.

I miss some of my blogging buddies at Blogspot.I don’t miss blogspot.

WordPress is fun.So is their stat counter.Clean minimal and has helped me get over my obsession of IP addresses.

I have 200 posts published with this one. It feels great.



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11 responses to “Blogging confessions.

  1. Congratulations! May the thoughts and randomness continue…


  2. I’d love to get a WordPress in fact. How can one copy every post from Blogspot to this?

    And, as you know, even I miss a lot of people on Blogspot. :-/


  3. Jolvin:
    Thanks! I hope they continue too.

    When you sign into WordPress, they have an option to import from any other blog to wordpress one.It does so with all the comments etc. Try it.And their support is really good too.Very helpful and very prompt.



  4. Duhita

    Congrats! So you think I should start off on WordPress instead of Blogspot?:p Oh wait, I am all talk and no action:)


  5. Congrats EU !! 200th post, indeed no small feat.

    Here’s wishing many such milestones !!

    Keep blogging !!


  6. Rishi

    200 posts on here? that would take me 2 yrs if i blog. Congrats!


  7. heyyyy…. congrats…… that’s my second treat pending….


  8. Duhita:
    Wordpress hands down. I think you can do this. This too is all talk no action. :p

    Thanks, am looking forward to ’em too.

    Too me that long too, well almost. I guess I talk more than you. 🙂

    Ha ha! We want to find better reasons to be treated. Seriously.


  9. gud confessions ! jus on wordpress frm blogspot n i ‘ve to agree with u 🙂


  10. Maverick:
    Welcome here. I am glad you concur.


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