Who is the enemy?

Which brings me to the argument that, it isn’t the other that disrespects us to emotionally abuse us. It is we who decide how others are allowed to treat us.

Whatever the need be,  need to be needed, need to be validated  or need to be loved. What we perceive is our worth is what we allow our  selves to accept from others.What are we ready to settle for?

The age long advice; love your self before you can expect some one else to do so is now beginning to make more sense.



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7 responses to “Who is the enemy?

  1. people hope things will get better … hence the behavior. QED.


  2. What are we ready to settle for?

    It’s a brilliant thought and I guess I could have never put it this way. How true!


  3. Greensatya

    Decisions should never be based on assumptions, and it is these fallacy in decision making which keeps people hanging.

    Moreover people are resistant to change, even if the present is something abusive. People get used to their sufferings and don;t want to let it go.


  4. Rohit:

    I agree about not wanting to change.Not knowing what to expect is what is unnerving and keeps the people in their relationship.


  5. “Love your self before you can expect some one else to do so” – the only problem is how much do you love your self and to what lengths can you take it to.


  6. Jolvin:
    I understand what you are saying.My point is limited to having some self respect and setting some standards for one self. Eg: I might be single and lonely but I wont settle for a separated abusive man who only wants to me for sex.


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