Sweet success.

Some times you ascertain your own measure of success. For most people it is the tangible. Rightly so.

The last exam I took was all about the patient. 12 random people getting paid 10 dollars an hour or so to pretend to be patients were going to objectively mark on a piece of paper my clinical skills.History taking, examination, communication, ethics and manners ( read mannerisms really).

It didn’t matter what I know, what my experience has taught me how well I can run a code blue. What mattered was what impression I had created in the 15 minutes that I faced this ‘patient’.

Ask any doctor who has attempted the Clinical Skills Assessment. They will tell you this exam means nothing. If you have had any experience with patients you are good to pass. The result is declared a pass or fail at that.

For me this exam was an endorsement of my ability to be a physician. I haven’t been half as anxious about the result of any of the gazillion exams that I have taken like I have been for this one.

For me it really matters that I am accepted as a physician no matter what, who, where and how. And I passed. 😀



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23 responses to “Sweet success.

  1. and how do u detect smoke on ur blog? 😀


  2. Reeta:
    Are you being naughty here? I go sniff sniff. 😛


  3. Greensatya

    Jeah ! nothing succeeds like success , tangible or intangible.

    By the way, ain’t it great to get paid for acting as a patient, where do I get such job ?


  4. Are u sure you just paid $10 to the ‘patient’? Just checking 😉


  5. They really do that? I remember one of the Seinfeld episodes had that plot line … I never knew it was for real.



  6. it IS a bit smoky in here.. somebody’s been smoooooooooking!!!
    anyways… its just terrible that i havent been in here at all!! well theres a first time!!
    well.. REAL patients are going to be a lot more whiny.
    wait till you get the screamers.


  7. GreenSatya:
    Hospitals, medical schools, examination centres. Considering a career change are we? 😀

    Ha ha ha ! VERY FUNNY!!

    Yeah where Kramer wants to be a Cirrhosis patient. That episode was so darn funny. I could identify with the students. 😛 They do, do really do that

    Tell me tell me where……..brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttt!!!!
    Welcome here. But atleast the whining with real patients is genuine.


  8. Hey, congrats. But having other people rate you is rather unnerving. Everything is subjective especially if there are no set grading standards. Oh well. You already passed and that calls for a celebration, eh? Cheers!


  9. Abaniko:
    There are set grading standards, plus every encounter is recorded.Hence this is supposed to be an objectively marked examination.How ever it is a human being making that judgement.Subjectivity hence seeps in. Oh yeah the celebrations are on. 🙂


  10. Yay!! Congratulations!!!

    Now please move to Delhi. I know you are a good doc (or so you seem), so I promise I’ll bring you a lot of business. I know a LOT of defective pieces (including myself, of course!). Really, I am in fact looking for some doctor who would be willing to check my entire system and tell me what exactly I need to do for every thing that is going wrong. So give it a thought. 🙂

    And congratulations again!!


  11. Hey!! Congrats! I knew you’d ace it….. its a silly exam anyway but a very necessary one… so how r u celebrating??


  12. Ha! You’ve changed it all here . Nice.

    Very well done with the exams. Good luck for rest. Match 07?08?

    I wonder how you counsel a patient who wants to quit smoking. Boy ! woudnt the actor get his moneys worth?


  13. RB:
    Thanks! I don’t want to do business, I only want to work in a hospital and teach some day.As for your check up, how about we start with the head eh ? 😛


    For some people these “silly exams” are a necessity. I am now studying for the next. 🙂

    Not much has changed I can assure.It is still me my words my crap. Thanks. Match 2008.I missed 2007 which happens only in March. Ha ha ha..I can counsel him with conviction. Try me sometime. 🙂


  14. Congratulations! No wonder you like Greys Anatomy so much 🙂


  15. Grey Shades:
    Oh well Grey’s Anatomy isn’t all medicine you know. 😀


  16. Haan, some Delhi hospital will do too. It will save me a lot of money I’m sure. 😀

    With the head? Sure. There is some itching on the scalp (I am VERY sure it is not what you might want to think!), I think it is because of the heat but you’re the doc here…so tell me, what to do? 😀


  17. i know dear…..i have my clinicals this thursday…and the only thing that keeps me sane at present is the thought that these ‘silly’, ‘crappy’ and ‘£$%&*!!’ exams are a necessary evil but not the end-all and be-all of life (that’s a lie …coz it does mean loads….but it’s the only way to keep me calm!!)

    anyway, all the best for the next one….
    ps…where’s my treat?


  18. RB:
    May be the problem isn’t in the outside of your head at all. :0

    I hear ya sistah!! Now your Thursday exams explain your loitering over my blog. Go get your act together. NOW.


  19. Rishi

    congrats! is this a part of 1st yr residency?


  20. Rishi:
    Thanks, no this is to get ECFMG board certified. Residency comes in much later.


  21. Duhita

    Weee…….we passed:) Congrats!


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