I would like a little respect please, I know so would you.

I am always right. Period!

There will always be my side to the story. The one no one can contest. Even in the court of law.

You see truth has three side. Yours mine and the truth of course.

I will always have the right excuse.

I will always have an argument to prove I am correct.

There will always be a justification that would make sense; if you let it.

I will always have the right to make my own decisions.

I will live my life the way I want and there is nothing any one can do about it.

Hence I shall always be right.

Oh well, so will you.

Then do you think, we could agree to disagree and be a little more mature about the choices we chose to make?



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15 responses to “I would like a little respect please, I know so would you.

  1. i’d be laughing at you if you were having this tantrum in front of me right now .. sound like a right little madam


  2. this reads like declaration of independence.


  3. “Right,” like “truth,” is often subjective.


  4. more people should definitely agree to disagree! That might have saved us from a lot of missunderstandings and conflicts through the years…


  5. Rishi

    lol, it reminded me of someone and a very recent conversation. Gosh, women are a difficult specie, aren’t they?


  6. LOLLLLL!!!! pardon me for saying this but that was really cute! 🙂


  7. Attagurl!! Dat eez so rite!! Ah weel shall alwayz!


  8. Sangeeta:
    If you could laugh at this, I know you and I wouldn’t be fighting. 😀

    Ha ha ha! Some what like that yeah!

    I agree.

    And inspite of knowing we go ahead and cause those misunderstandings and conflict.

    I’ll spare you the agony of an explanation.I am sure you got enough.And no nothing difficult about us. Try us 😀

    Grey Shades:
    You are making me smile. You aren’t going to get pardoned for that. 😉

    Thank-ye! *Takes a bow*


  9. adi

    so it is here that i find the gool old doc…


  10. Why are you sounding like a ‘Right’ wing activist? 🙂 Anyways, it’s heartening that we can choose what we want to be if we believe.


  11. Jolvin:
    UFF! An explanation might just about follow.


  12. Pingback: I am not a right wing activits. « SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS

  13. arienaied

    lol. You sound like my mom. I hope to sound just like that someday! 😀


  14. Arienaied:
    WHAT??? YOUR MOM??? You are hereby banned from my blog! No contesting my decision. I remind you of your mom it seems. * very angry*

    Welcome here, we all hope we can be like our mums some day. 🙂


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