First time.First meeting.First impressions. The firsts are always a beautiful experience. If not beautiful definitely an experience.

It gets a little unnerving when you have some idea but not a whole idea.So you have been to each other’s blogs.Read, commented and commented over the comments. Indulged in hour long chatting over the internet.Flirting and even discussing some itsy-bitsy details of your life. You have ranted and listened to them rant. Cussed and hear them cuss. Discuss future plans and what not.

Not once contemplating that you might actually meet this person in person. You hope and dream about the day you will but it is a distant possibility. A possibility none the less.

Then comes one day, you do meet.

I get a lot of first expressed impressions.Most common are cute. I actually have come to believe that when people don’t know what to say to you they call you cute. Anyway cute is what I have heard for all of my life.Very few pretty’s too. Smart, confident, diva.. yeah now I am only wishing.

No one has called me chirpy.It is my first. I am doing chirpy very well. I am so thrilled it isn’t fat or thin, small or tall, OK or otherwise.It was chirpy. I like the dimension to me.Tells me it was real for once.

First meetings can be unnerving because you really don’t know what to expect. Gets awkward especially when one has been so close on the internet or the phone.And yet you know you are not close at all. Heck, you don’t even know if this person is for real or not.People are most scared of disappointing the other rather than getting disappointed.Having done this meeting-for-the-first time game several times I know not expecting anything works the best.

But hey I can do with chirpy any time. I did not see that coming and I haven’t been able to stop grinning.Thank-you!  🙂



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12 responses to “Chirpy!

  1. Actualy “Chirpy” is a new word for me, and I like it 🙂

    First impretions are always complicated for me but I know I can do better the cuestion is how.


    ps… sorry about my english


  2. Sam:
    Don’t worry about the English. Your message is coming through. Welcome here.


  3. Aww. This really was such a chirpy, perky post…


  4. Duhita

    🙂 who what when where why? hahahah first time meetings. Now I remember why I didn’t call last year?:p


  5. Perspective Inc:
    Thank-you. 🙂

    Bahane bahane! I toldja we would have been fine. I don’t bite I promise. 😛


  6. hey….i could’ve told you ages ago how chirpy you are….. 🙂
    but i’m happy this meeting has perked you up…way to go gal…


  7. ps…you’ll have noticed that i have at last left a comment….. 🙂
    i’ve just been so not used to the format of the new blog


  8. Lazy Leo:
    Nice to see you here. Thanks for coming by. And welcome. First appearance on the new blog. 🙂
    Oh well there are lots of other things you said to me that kept me happy.


  9. chirpy sounds better then bouncy


  10. Sangeeta:
    You have been called bouncy????

    * points a finger and laughs* Sowwie..That is just too funny.


  11. yeah you don’t even wanna know how i got that name


  12. Sangeeta:
    noooooooooooo I so wanna know. tsk tsk..tell me I wont tell anyone..promise.


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