When I come around.

It was only when I lived alone did I begin to appreciate one aspect of my mother.No matter what and how and when she always made sure there was a hot meal for us.

When I had to do the same for me, I would often let go.No mood, not the right ingredients, not enough time, some one has to eat the biscuits, cold milk, a tomato sandwich ( yes I love sandwiches especially cold and filled with tomatoes and cheese; you should know that by now) were my most often used excuses.

Then how did my mum do it.Didn’t she ever want to take a day off. I some times feel bad that I never turned around to noticed how she felt and what was it that she would rather do than always providing for us.

My peace comes from the thought that may be as a child I didn’t have to think. I didn’t have to be grateful for all the things my mother did for me, my dad too. ( Lest they ever comes across my blog. You know what kind of altercation can ensue if he thinks I don’t think of him too.) May be that was a part of my bringing up.May be that is why I grew up to be the secure individual I am today, knowing no matter what there will always be some one looking out for me. May be that is what parents do.

I know I cannot repay anything. I cannot even quantify what I need to repay. I hope how ever, that when I am put on that spot I will make my parents proud.



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8 responses to “When I come around.

  1. Greensatya

    For parents, apart from the professional career they have, raising children is also like a career, like a project. So if the outcome of the project is good, that’s their reward, the satisfcation. They don’t necessarily do it for getting repaid but just cause it’s “their baby”



  2. Everyone dreams of just that. What folks do can never be quantified as you said and can never be repaid. Funny how they never ask for anything in return as well. And so special.


  3. teh roles do reverse .. we do get to be the parents and them the kids at times. I just hope i’m half as good to them as they are to me 🙂

    ps me still has breakfast on teh table for me, a lunch box and a hot meal when i get home 🙂


  4. Satya:
    I agree. I don’t think they ever think of a payback.They only do it for their babies.

    Special indeed.

    Oh you lucky thing. I understand there comes a time when we have to do for them what they did for us, but I would always want to have them in my life as my parents, with no role reversal.If you know what I mean.


  5. I’m tired too 😛

    I hope some day I can have a rest for all the madness around life


  6. da I make a mistake of post, should be the A little tired post


  7. Samuelynk:
    We all have those days when we just want to give up.


  8. well, been going through the archives and second the being tired of being single and old in a foreign country. Regarding cooking, Ive noticed that while I make the same darn excuses when cooking for myself, I can turn out a whole meal with appetisor, entree and dessert , even if there is just another person going to be eating with me. This is irrespective of the time or the pantry status. So I guess being alone has got to something with the excuse.
    I too love cold sandwiches by the way. I have mine with cuts and cheese and pickled peppers and vidalia onions. Try em sometime.


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