A little tired.

Rant this post! You have been warned.

I am a little tired…

Tired of propriety.

Tired of polite behaviour.

Tired of struggling with books.

Tired of being patient.

Tired of understanding.

Tired of dealing insecurities.

Tired of doing the right thing.

Tired of saying the right thing.

Tired of forcing humour.

Tired of being disappointed with the scales.

Tired of flirting.

Tired of keeping in touch with people.

Tired of understanding the concept of fair weather friends.

Tired of dating.

Tired of walking the dogs.

Tired of cooking.

Tired of being the support.

Tired of knowing I need support.

I am tired of being a 28 year old single woman, struggling in a foreign land.



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11 responses to “A little tired.

  1. Greensatya

    Now it must be feeling good, ain’t it ?


  2. Yeah… now you must be feeling better 🙂
    Go have coffee with a cold sandwich.. might help!


  3. Your post should have been titled ‘Very Tired’ – this list doesn’t look little at all.


  4. Greensatya:
    On the contrary I felt like a little cry baby. But what the hell this is my blog.

    Ha ha ha..food isn’t the solution to it all.

    The aggregate would probably amount to a lot.You are right I am a little tired of always compartmentalising my life.I do that well methinks.


  5. tired of taking a break?


  6. Mowgli:
    Er?! Sounds like you want me to take one. * quizzical look*


  7. i’m tired of just being


  8. Rishi

    >>food isn’t the solution to it all.

    mostly i hear chocolate is. 😉

    anyway, i guess we all cycle thru such days. hopefully, yours’ over until the next one.


  9. Sangeeta:
    Some times yeah!

    NO!!! 😛 Welcome to my blog.
    Oh yeah I was good right after pressing publish button


  10. Doing your own thing is diff from doing the right thing isnt it…It is tiring i.e. doing the right thing…


  11. Whitemagpie:
    Rightly said. “Right” does get tiring at times.


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