Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

I belong to a fraternity that believes in definite science.For everything that is told to us, we want to know why and how.Prove it to us and we will give it another thought.

We are in the business in helping people live better lives.We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we do strive to make life a little better for you.We don’t believe in one man show or gurus we believe in team work.We know that in that team every member has his/her importance.

We wont go beating down the throat of that researcher who came up with a wonder drug just because in 20 years we realised that wonder drug did more harm than good.We learn from our mistakes and move on.Giving space to that researcher to find another wonder drug.Mistakes happen, and we are not god. We don’t claim to be either.

When you compare yourselves to us, stressing how much better you are to us; you make us the benchmark to be compared with.We didn’t ask for that status.How ever thank-you.

If you can cure blood cancers, auto immune disorders, HIV then why is this place not a better place like you claim you have to the power to make it out to be.How come so many people are suffering and no body knows of your great healing powers, except for the select few that you have managed to con. Why do so many people still believe in going to hospitals for cure.How come we are available to the suffering at any time of the day or night where as you come at restricted times with a hefty fee.Some how us getting paid for our services comes across to you as blasphemy.

Superiority is not a place to be in.It is a way of life. So while a doctor works his ass off with what ever resources he has to make his world a better place, you can get a life beyond the aromas, herbal baths, organic food and silk clothes and get out of the way of people who actually want to do some good.



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10 responses to “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

  1. Healers always run the rise of being ignored until they are needed. I rather like the ancient Chinese (Confucian) system in which the physician was paid when one was well and not paid again until one was healed. It rather makes the people aware of the healers.


  2. Nick:
    And makes the healers do a better job of healing as he knows only then does he get paid.


  3. Doctors are in Noble profession and I mean it. Money can’t get you everything, can’t alleviate you from suffering. So paying money to doctors does not mean they are doing it for money.


  4. that’s true..people can be a bit too harsh on doctors forgetting that they too are humans and they deserve some time off too….caring for other people is a big responsibility and being paid for it is only just…


  5. Satya: Not green anymore? :p

    LMM: 🙂


  6. There is so much I can learn form your medic posts, EU.


  7. Sunrise:
    You want to be a doctor too?


  8. 🙂 I do. (How did you guess? 🙂 )


  9. Sunrise:
    Isn’t all that hard now is it? You should give it your best.No matter what anyone tells you, this is a place for those who really want to be in it. So good luck and keep me posted on your developments.


  10. Isn’t what all that hard? Hehe.. I love your medic posts, I guess that much is obvious 😀 .. I really do, though.. they make me think. And, from what I’ve read here, I think you make a brilliant doctor. Not based on much, and won’t mean much, I know.. considering I have never actually seen you or anything.. but your thoughts on medicine, etc. really do make me think that. Well, MY idea of a “brilliant” doc, anyway! 🙂


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