I have no clue as to what was I thinking.I signed up for a 72 hour water fast. Master Hou’s fast.

Seriously who gets these ideas into my head.My reckoning was that I wont have to cook or get into kitchen cleaning which will leave me lots of time to study this weekend, as next I plan to take a day off.

Now all I can do is think of Philly cheese steaks and I have never even had any.



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5 responses to “*Groan*

  1. wow..ur brave..so ur going to have only water for 72 hours????!!!!


  2. LMM:
    Apparently so. 😦 😦

    What have I got myself into. 😦


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  4. HAH! Isn’t it SO annoying when, the one time you CAN’T have food.. and all you do, is think about the food?

    A little late, this comment… so instead of “good luck”.. I am going to say “You did it!” 😉


  5. Sunrise:
    You bet I did. 🙂


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