..and counting!

If you have X amount of money you can only spend an X amount of money. The have can come from earning it or inheriting it or as a gift.

I don’t understand how people can spend more than their means.I know the whole credit card sham.What I don’t know how do people forget what they have been given, earned or inherited? OK stolen even perhaps.

I always thought the maths was simple when it came to economics of money gained to money spent.The culture I come from we save for raining days too.We don’t blow off everything we earn.

I seem to have no respect for people who cannot identify what their means are and continue to spend beyond it. Living beyond ones means is so not cool to me. I doubt I can enjoy an Armani when bought by some one else’s money is what I am trying to say.

I have come across a lot of people, including my peers who are bogged down by the ‘must have’ culture.They do it, so should I. I want to wear the same clothes. I want to eat in restaurants too.I want to drive this car over that.I will only eat organic food even if they can only afford an apple a day.

Seriously what is the shame in accepting, that we just don’t have the money.Why can’t people identify their limits and stick to it. Why do people think it is OK to be in debt.

I don’t think money buys class.I don’t think one can really enjoy some one else’s money.I don’t think this sham can be maintained for long.I understand peer pressure. But does your peer understand your pressures? If not they might not be worth hanging around with anyway.

I think people should get over the hypocrisy and get real.



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17 responses to “..and counting!

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  2. I know what you mean! Just the way the place we come from invariably makes sure we keep a track of our grades while studying, saving for the bad times comes naturally for us. And yes, even I have thought a lot of times how can someone be okay with someone else paying for one’s college canteen bills. I mean, come on.

    I wish everyone got real. It’d be like utopia for us!


  3. The strange world living off credits.
    Here wealth is not based on money earned…
    here wealth is judged by one’s “borrowing capacity”.
    A life of big houses, flashy cars, expensive holidays and perpetual debts.
    Till the day of reckoning comes, for it will.

    The same ‘credit culture’ is fast catching up in India.
    Just like Levis, McDonalds, Cable TV and nightclubs, it was bound to happen.


  4. Rohit:
    True true!

    Little Indian:
    The first time I was introduced to this huge credit card dept was when England published its figures on total debt of all it’s citizens.What really amused me was how can we forget that some has to pay.If we can’t some one else will.But that money has to be generated.Like you said day of reckoning shall come soon.


  5. Most westerners
    do not even think of passing on
    any property or money to their children.

    They mostly rely on
    their properties gaining equity
    that will pay off their debts in the end.
    If they cannot, the lenders will repossess.
    In a way it is the same outcome, nothing is left behind.
    Sadly, us in India going the same way.

    In US, the housing bubble is expected to burst.
    millions of dollars credit will have to be written off.
    Many individuals who have borrowed to the hilt will be first on the streets.

    Makes me wonder, what you doing in US, but was too scared to ask.


  6. Exactly my sentiments!


  7. the attitude “i must have it because they have it too” is such crap and one that leads to self-ruin. It is necessary to learn to identify between the “need to have” and “want to have”. If peer pressure makes u want to do stuff that you cannot afford, then those peers are not worth having.


  8. Little Indian:
    You don’t read my blog enough if you don’t know what I am doing in the US.

    Interesting nick-name.I am curious to know what is the motivation.
    I am glad you concur.

    I hear ya sistah!


  9. Perhaps.
    But I have been visiting of recent
    so somehow haven’t really understood.

    A physician in Umrika
    taking some examinations,
    and you’ve been picking pennies for luck
    and going for walks and being warmly greeted by strangers.

    But why in Umrika, I haven’t a clue.


  10. Little Indian:
    Whoa you almost sound like an online stalker.How cool. πŸ™‚


  11. I will have to give up.
    You allege that I do not read your blogs enough.
    But when I try to say that I do, you say I sound like an online stalker!
    Make up your mind doctor.


  12. Little Indian:
    All made up, I assure you. πŸ˜€


  13. As I see it, it is the problem of materialism plus advertising. When I graduated from seminary, I thought I was heavily in debt with a $16,000 student loan. Then I learned that some of my peers owed ten times that much.


  14. Well, I for one, believe in spending and not much on saving. What’s the use of earning if you are saving all of it ? But for rainy days I understand, I wish there were no rainy days.

    And yeah there is no shame in accepting that once in a while we might not have money.


  15. Sometimes Saintly Nick:
    I am talking more about the attitude towards finances than the actual math.But I get what you mean.

    You earn you spend that is fine.You don’t earn and then you pretend to you do is so not fine.


  16. Arre! It’s just my initials(RB) spelt out. πŸ˜›


  17. Aarbee:
    Ooh! And not the veggie eh? πŸ˜‰


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