2 minutes silence please!

When ever some lost a family member in our school, our principal would announce a 2 minute silence just after the morning prayers.She would ask us to say a little prayer for the rest of the family and the soul of the departed. I don’t think I really got the sanctity of the act my entire school life.

I have grown to want to pay my respects. I will be silent for 2 minutes.Say the Gayatri Mantra every time I am asked to say a prayer.I will light a candle I will join a peace procession.I will even do it keeping in mind the time differences. I will make sure I pay my respects. Because some thing in me feels better stronger and more secure by doing so.

I know more people die out of treatable epidemics, where I come from and no one is mourning them. These peace processions help no one.Neither the victims, nor their families. I have listened without opposition, the argument that it is all a big farce.

May be they are. But I want to believe in prayer.I want to believe that man still cares for man.I want to believe that my silence is louder and stronger and more determined that any other bang we have ever heard. I want to believe in the 2 minutes of silence and prayer.



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10 responses to “2 minutes silence please!

  1. Perspective Inc:
    Just hopeful. πŸ™‚


  2. Thank you for the insight into a way of life I have not experienced. Well, almost not experienced. Your post has brought to my mind memories of the days of my childhood before school prayer was forbidden in the U.S.


  3. Nick:
    Don’t children in the United States say a little prayer when they start their day at school? I still remember my school prayer. πŸ™‚


  4. sometimes it’s nicer to believe even if the truth is a farce..keeps us all a little more humane and sane…i never did keep the minute(s) of silence with enough gravity either..but then i guess as children it is difficult to comprehend human loss…


  5. In reply: No, public prayer in public schools is against the law–i.e., unconstitutional–in the United States. It all has to be with “separation of church and state.”


  6. LMM:
    sometimes it’s nicer to believe even if the truth is a farce

    I don’t quite get what you mean?

    That is almost sad, don’t you think?


  7. “I have listened without opposition, the argument that it is all a big farce.” – was in response to this.


  8. Why is prayer banned in schools when it is not banned in the US Senate? In fact, the gayatri mantra itself was recently recited at the beginning of a US Senate session (on July 12th 2007)!


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