Do yourself a favour.

Death because of pneumonia in young healthy 30 some thing adult. I am shocked.I am horrified. What has medical science achieved?

I know medicine has its limitations. I respect that. I know medicine cannot undo the years of bad life style that most people adopt to.But we can cure pneumonia. Or was it some thing else that we wont ever know.

I cannot judge the dead or the living. I can only make a plea.Take care of your health.Listen to your body.It is not just a machine.It is the shrine you live in. You know your body best.So take care of it.No one else can.



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6 responses to “Do yourself a favour.

  1. Sorry and Thanks….

    You take care as well.



  2. Rahul Sharma:
    Hi I don’t know why you are apologizing and what for are you thanking me.


  3. I have been reading all your posts even though I was not commenting. Coming to the post in question, it has always baffled me how come people die of Pneumonia even today ? And this happens a lot.


  4. Greensatya:
    Pneumonia can of differing severities.Most people don’t even realise they had pneumonia.A lot do..What is harsh is that most smokers get hit really bad with a simple pneumonia and if the lung damage is long standing they never really recover from it.This is true for single bug pneumonias. When compounded with immuno compromised situations, even a simple pneumonia can get difficult to cure.People who succumb to pneumonia generally have multiple bugs attacking them or drug resistant bugs attacking them.But it is always disappointing to hear that some one that too so young had to go for such a treatable reason.


  5. *Sorry* for the “Pneumonia” and *Thanks* for the advice to “take care of the health”.

    Now, do you see my point ?



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