Not mixing my words.

When I said I didn’t care, I meant just that.

I am surprised by the rebuttal.Some how I missed out on the humour.

I wasn’t expecting an explanation. I wasn’t expecting an apology.I wasn’t expecting rectification.

In short I wasn’t expecting.I don’t expect.Period!

I don’t care, just like I said.



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9 responses to “Not mixing my words.

  1. When I said I didn’t care, I meant just that.
    I must have missed it when you said that.
    I’ll try to remember.
    There I have apologised now, please cheer up.

    And er, sorry, what was it you had said?


  2. going off on a tangent here …

    talking of apologies why is it that we expect ppl to apologise or feel guilty for their actions, i should be at the point now where it doesn’t matter but it does 😦


  3. Little Indian:
    I hate to break this out to you, but this one wasn’t really about you. 😛

    I’ve reached that stage, when some one wrongs me I think of two possibilities, they didn’t intend to,so need for apologies; or if they intended to, they aren’t going to be sorry anyway.I don’t expect apologies.


  4. I know. 🙂
    I thought if someone
    (like me with episodic dementia of convenience)
    accepts the blame, it might, just might cheer you up.

    Well, did get a smiley in return, so wasn’t too far wrong.
    or was I?


  5. Little Indian:
    If my tongue sticking out to you looks like a smiley and makes you happy, I wouldn’t want to take away your happiness. 😉


  6. Oooops, add
    presbyopia to that list and
    illusions of euphoria or
    just keep adding.


  7. Little Indian:
    You a doc too?


  8. Me? What makes you think so?
    I am too scared of injections,
    I’ll run a mile at the sight of a needle. 😦



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