All of today I have had a crap study day. I have been irritated with myself and so I have been snapping.Or so I tell myself.Then I go ahead and waste more time brooding.

Then, I am told I should not study too much as that has never done anyone good.I want to beat this person to pulp.I want to say some thing nasty, instead I smile.

If I don’t focus and I don’t let others’ know I am focussed the dark forces will keep swaying me away.It isn’t on paper I need convincing, it is in action.



Filed under Abstract, Confusion, Experiences, Fears, Goal, Motivation, People, Rants, Thoughts

2 responses to “Check!

  1. Thank you for these words! Just what I needed to read… 🙂

    “I want to beat this person to pulp.” – agreed!


  2. Sunrise:
    Now now, I am not really advocating violence 😛 ..But you go right ahead if that is what you need to do.And you are welcome.


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