Winds of change.

I’ve already been in the United States for a month.Time flies past so quickly.We all know that.Sigh!

When I was packing my bags to come here, I had promised myself I would be carrying none of the baggage I wanted to leave behind.No matter what memories were associated with it, no matter how grounded they kept me and no matter how much I needed my baggage to remind me of life can turn out to be.I wanted to nothing in my bags that were associated with the negative in my life.

The first one month has been good to me.I have taken one exam, results are due in June. I finally share the same roof with dogs, about 4 of them,I have lost 5 kilos (that is a good thing, really good thing) I actually sleep at night something I haven’t done in ages and I am totally loving it.

I don’t know what has brought about the change in me. People, dogs, food weight loss, proximity to people I like, Yoga I don’t know but there is a lot of good going around.I am not complaining.I am only very happy.A feeling I have not known like this.I am a happy person don’t get me wrong.But I actually get up at 5:45 am so I don’t miss the sunrise on my morning walk.This happiness is new to me.I love it.

The winds seem to have changed direction. :))



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2 responses to “Winds of change.

  1. i hope that wind changes it’s direction here too. Good to hear you sounding all positive and upbeat.


  2. They will.Have faith, change your environment even your friends if you have to.Helped me


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