Thinking aloud..Continued..

They say whatever happens happens for the best.We sure hope so.Eventually life does turn out OK.Or bearable if you please.We do live.A lot of times we actually live well.

We know all that by our own experience.Then why is it so tough to be rational, positive and OK when we suffer a set back.It is hard to keep telling yourself that you will be fine.At that instance you see no way out.Hope some where the light will shine.We hope.We wait.As we believe.

And when you finally see the light you wonder what was all that whining all about. So many times we don’t realise, but people, circumstances and ‘others’ dictate our lives, our moods, our productivity our feel good factor.

Taking charge of my own life gives me a lot of strength.Telling myself each morning that I am beautiful, good and better than what they would want me to believe can be a struggle but I do it anyway.Most times I believe myself, some times it is not so easy to believe even me.

But here I am.In my spot.With my choices. For now, I choose to win.



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10 responses to “Thinking aloud..Continued..

  1. Positive attitude towards things help a lot. That’s why we always say things happen for the best. That’s mental conditioning at work. 🙂


  2. “Most times I believe myself, some times it is not so easy to believe even me.” I guess if the times we don’t believe in ourselves or are not satisfied are outinumbered by the times we are, we’ve managed to lead a fairly good (or maybe content) life.


  3. Sometimes one does wonder what all the whining was all about at the end of the day but what one often forgets is that the entire scenario was very different when we actually WERE whining and complaining. (sorry, but I don’t know how to italicize! Bleady!) Things do look very different when we leave the land of the thorns and come over to the land of roses. (As you already know, I have a wonderfully irritating penchant for stating the obvious!) It is only natural to wonder why on earth we ever spent so much time among the thorns when we could have been sipping on an ice cold beer among the roses. ( I just couldn’t resist that! ;)) If you ask me , what is important is that we don’t lose sight or memory of whichever land we inhabit/inhabited but are self-aware/conscious of our position. I believe that this self-awareness is what will ensure that whatever pain or pleasure we suffer is entirely up to us and no force external to that ‘conscious’ will impinge on what we are feeling or how we choose to act upon it. Whew!


  4. Abaniko:
    Suggestion at its best.They say suggestions work.

    I guess.I think even that only time will tell.

    You actually make sense. * worried look*
    On a more serious note I agree with you..Just don’t tell anyone.


  5. Ash

    It’s just about believing, believing that all will come out well for you, it will

    …..reminds me of a bedtime story in Mal…viddhikushmandam!! well literarilly means idiot, that’s what his guru called him one day when was fed up, he went off, travelled the world with it, came back a saint, a prophet, he healed ….the secret I say Viddikushmandam he said,
    It is just works….all in the mind, I say!!
    Rgs Ash


  6. Ash:
    Hieeeeeeeeeeee!! Long long time.How have you been.I notice you are blogging again.Nice to know.Thanks for the story.Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Like the famous coffee ad – Real pleasure doesn’t come in an instant – we live our lives like the food we eat and the lives we lead – fast. Obviously we expect that our pain relieves fast itself. Sitting here in a different country watching how people are obsessed with becoming thinner in a few days brings to mind the same feeling. We need everything fast…


  8. Hmmm… I wonder ppl crib abt cribbing! Its jus a part of life like feeling happy, or feeling lonely. So does this mean you’ve seen the shining light? 🙂


  9. Jolvin:
    I can eliminate the time factor.Who is to tell then that I will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Grey Shades:
    Shinning light is what dead people see right?



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